Let's talk about Occupational Health and Safety

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"There is a general consensus that prevention is more effective and less expensive than treatment and rehabilitation."

The Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SG-SST) covers a discipline that tries to prevent injuries and illnesses caused by working conditions, in addition to the protection and promotion of employee health.

Its objective is to improve working conditions and the work environment, in addition to health at work, which leads to the promotion of the maintenance of the physical, mental and social well-being of employees.

Safety and Health at Work in Venezuela

It holds constitutional rank, given that the right to adequate safety, hygiene and work environment conditions is guaranteed for all workers. Such guarantees refer to the LOPCYMAT (Organic Law of Conditions and Environment at Work) in which the right of workers to be consulted and the duty to participate in matters of Safety and Health at Work is clearly stated. Also, article 56 of this same law, speaks of the duties of employers to inform workers in writing of unsafe conditions. Prepare, with the participation of the workers, the company's Occupational Health and Safety Program. Notify the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Prevention (INPSASEL) on a mandatory basis, occupational diseases and work accidents within the work environment provided for by this law.

Measures to promote the health of workers:

  • Have a defined internal communication policy with specific objectives that include health issues.

  • Promote training and personal development during working hours.

  • Provide rooms for social meetings.

  • Make an employee assistance program available to workers.

A healthy work environment is essential, not only to achieve the health of workers, but also to have a positive contribution to productivity, obtain greater performance, achieve a decrease in unforeseen events, increase work motivation, fluidity of labor relations , work spirit, job satisfaction and overall quality of life. There is a general consensus that prevention is more effective and less expensive than treatment and rehabilitation.

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