Some interesting information about human

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What are some of the most intriguing facts about human behavior?

1. When people lie to you, they look away when they talk.

2. When people are constantly asked questions, they think about the bad things they have done recently.

3. When a person thinks that someone is watching him, he behaves very skillfully and is more careful about their work.

4. People who understand entertainment can easily understand the human mind.

5. People respond quickly to messages they like. And if he dislikes someone, he disregards his message.

6. People like old songs because they have a lot of memories associated with them.

7 . Most of our decisions are not whimsical (we should not make big decisions when we are angry).

8. The eyes give a lot of ideas about a person.

9. People can reduce their tension by doing their favorite thing.

Hair Whorl: Hair Whorl!

Hair growth on the back of the head like a round or curly hair is called Hair Whorl or Cowlick or Trichoglyphs. It is also called a crown of hair. Hair growth can be clockwise or counterclockwise Many people have one twist in their hair and many people may have two to three twists in their hair. In addition to humans, such vortices are seen in the heads and bodies of animals.

There are various hypotheses that cause hair loss, one of which is central nervous system defect. Genetic variation is also blamed for hair loss. About 84% of people have clockwise and 16% have anticlockwise. Again, 95.5% of Caucasians have a spiral in their head. On the other hand, 10% of Afro-Americans have two headaches.

The myth is that two alleles of a gene control the direction of rotation as the cause of the rotation direction is clockwise or anticlockwise. But this myth is not entirely true. According to some studies, most left-handed people have anticlockwise curls in their hair. Again, according to many, anticlockwise vortices are more common among gay or transgender people. But these doctrines have no scientific basis.

Injuries, surgery or chemotherapy can cause the hair pattern to change. Moreover, many times hair transplant can be the result. Such a pattern of hair is created on the baby's head during pregnancy. However, in addition to the hair of the head of the beard is often seen in men Many people take the help of laser treatment, plastic surgery and waxing to remove hair holes..


The total length of the DNA in our body is 200,000,000,000 km. The distance traveled from Earth to the Sun more than 50 times is equal to the distance covered.

And if the information contained in the DNA were recorded, it would be the equivalent of a gigantic encyclopedia of 900 pieces. Where the number of pages in each volume will be 500.

The total number of cells in our body is 36.2 trillion. There are 110 million sensory receptors. There are 30 trillion red blood cells (RBCs). The number of neurons in the brain alone is 100 billion. The body has a total of 42 billion blood vessels, which is 96,000 km long.

Just think! Even if you keep a headphone one arm long, it gets tangled. But your body's 96,000 km blood vessels have never been tangled.

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People who can't maintain eye contact are probably telling lies, just an addition

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