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US Open Prize Money Hits An All Time High

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I have always been amazed by how much money sports are able to generate in revenue for the governing associations and in prize/contract money for the players.

This fact is no different for the ATP and WTA Tours putting on the US Open for tennis right now. The prize money has actually reached a new all-time high despite the fact that there are fewer fans than in years past (excluding last year of course due to Covid issues). The total prize pool for the 2021 US Open is $57,462,000.

This is a mind boggling amount of money to even think about as hundreds of players are getting paid a minimum of $75,000 each for a first round exit in the men's bracket.

I'm a huge fan of tennis, especially of the ATP tour and used to play quite a lot in high school. I wish that I had started earlier in life, not that I think I would have made the ATP tour... But who knows?

I have seen numbers claiming that the ATP tour brings in around $120 million USD each year just from their broadcasting revenue alone. Sponsors of the ATP include Emirates, J.P. Morgan, American Express, Deloitte, Mercedes, Lacoste and of course Rolex. With big corporations like this, I can only begin to imagine how much money the tour is bringing in from displaying and advertising those names, a lot of that info seems a bit private though I may just be missing it.

Revenues aside, this year's tournament has been awesome and having fans in the stadium is huge for the players and for the viewer experience. The fans are the reason that we have professional sports and they will always be the most important aspect of the game other than the players in my opinion.

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