Earning $100 Extra A Day... New Goals

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Margins Getting Tight

With the bear market and my propensity in the past to waste money trying to get rich quick, I have found myself in a bit of a financial bind. Though there is a clear path to recovering and there is no immediate pressure to get money one place or another, I have to get moving on the situation and I can't afford to make it much worse.

I am picking up a second job in addition to working on side projects such as the dropshipping business (more on that soon), my app and @dunksocial. I have come to the conclusion that if I am to generate $100 or more a day in income separate from my main full-time job, I will be in a great financial position within a few months time... and by that I mean not in debt, by no means would I be rich haha.

How To Get It Done

In my opinion there are tons of ways you can generate around $100 a day. My plan is to work an extra job for four of the days and so I need to make sure I am finding a way to make a few $ on the other three days of the week while I am building my businesses (as they won't be profitable right away).

I have been lacking the motivation to get on the grind and really hustle, but now that my back is up against the wall a bit more than in the past, I am motivated to at least get that done.

Back when I was gambling, the biggest rush that you could get other than hitting it big was coming up with a way to recover when you were down on the night. Going from a thousand dollars in the hole to breaking even was a feeling of redemption that actually made losing more tolerable in the short term knowing it could be around the corner. This is sort of like that in a way... At least in the motivating sense, as I am now on the grind to get back to where I was a few months ago and can see exactly how to do it.

Other Ways To Make Money On The Side

I am going to be looking to use my teaching certificate (a TEFL certificate) to teach English on the side, so I will be looking for ways to use that and try to find a recurring lesson I can tutor weekly.

I used to be someone who would use Uber Eats or other delivery services to make a few sales on the side, but I don't have my car anymore because I moved to the city and left it with my family back in the suburbs, so that is out for me.

I am going to continue blogging on web 3.0, but I think that the money I make here will be reinvested and continue to grow so I am not sure it is what I need in the short-term.

I've checked out things like Fiverr and Upwork, but don't know that I have that many marketable skills for piecework.

Reporting and Accountability

I am lucky that I should only need to fill a few nights of the week seeing that I am hopefully picking up this second job later today, but I do want to make sure that I am not slacking. For that reason, I will be publishing a weekly update every Friday on how much I was able to bring in from my side jobs from the previous week with the goal of making $700 each week. I hope that you guys will enjoy the updates as they will keep me accountable and maybe they will give some ideas on what you can do to make a little extra money during these times of getting absolutely destroyed by everything crypto.

Talk soon fam.

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My name is Rob and I am a financial analyst with interests in cryptocurrency and blockchain. I have enjoyed my time thus far engaging with Web 3.0 and am looking to continue learning more and sharing what I learn through my experience.

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Wow 100$ a day is definitely a good starting point and in a month that's over 3000$, I would love to see you achieving it and hopefully I could do the same

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1 year ago

Great plan! I may follow your framework and see if how much I can earn 😉

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1 year ago