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1 year ago

16th of December, 2021.

There's a popular saying that "20 children cannot play together for 20 years". What does this mean? This means that it's impossible for a particular set of friends or individuals to be together forever, without being separated for a reason or the other. There's no how much as they all would have loved to be together forever, it just seems unrealistic. It's always a moment of tears, joy, panic, resolutions and many more.

Goodbyes moments are always filled with emotions, and this is the sole reason why I do not like Goodbyes, because I do not like such moments. I personally have experienced some good byes moments and I'll mention a few.

Last Paper in High school

This was some years back. It was after our last NECO paper. I can still vividly remember how everyone went, a moment I would never forget. That time it was clear that everyone was into themselves, we all already bonded so well. But understanding before, it's our last paper, after spending 6years. Hugs and tears were flying everywhere. It got to the point that one or two teachers and some students were looking at us😀. Although we all had each other's contact then, some believed we might never see each other physically again for a very long time which is true. Because till today, I haven't met with the majority of them physically. Moreso, I was in the school hostel to,the goodbye in this hostel too caused so many tears amidst


Yes, today. This happened with the final year students of my department. Majority of them had their project defense today, the rest did theirs on Wednesday, last week. I have always been close to the past senior colleagues but this set, I'm more close. It was really emotional today and still is because I know they are done. Although, I still have the joy in my heart that they will still come around for their induction ceremony into the Engineering profession very soon.

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There different forms of goodbyes such as 


This is when someone loses his breath which makes them a living being. I can categorically say that this is the hardest form of goodbyes, especially when such persons are still young. This will make the person not speak, joke, smile, eat, call and so many other things which such a person used to do. Why? Because such a person is dead and has lost his/her breath. I have heard of and seen some people lose their loved ones, which I know it's never an easy goodbye.

Breakup in relationships

This, in my country, is popularly called breakfast. This is also another form of uneasy goodbyes. It might be as a result of cheating or infidelity, unmatched genotype, crisis and no support from both families, infertility and many more. This can be painful as a result of the time, efforts, emotions and all invested in such relationships. This form of goodbyes as led to various suicidal mission and depression.


This is the form of leaving one place finally or for another after fulfilling the mission of going there. This is exactly like what I explained earlier about my last paper in high school. It might come in various ways. This form of goodbyes is initiated when departing or leaving a place, it can happen in the form of a send forth and is always full of emotions.

There's this song by Celine Dion I always listen to, it makes me think deeper and brings me together whenever I experience a goodbyes. The song is titled Goodbye, and it goes thus. 


You gave life to me

Turned a baby into a lady

And, mamma

All you had to offer

Was the promise of a lifetime of love

Now I know

There is no other

Love like a mother's love for her child

And I know

A love so complete

Someday must leave

Must say, "goodbye"

Goodbye's the saddest word I'll ever hear

Goodbye's the last time I will hold you near

Someday you'll say that word, and I will cry

It'll break my heart to hear you say, "goodbye"


You gave love to me

Turned a young one into a woman

And, mamma

All I ever needed

Was a guarantee of you loving me

'Cause I know

There is no other

Love like a mother's love for her child

And it hurts so

That something so strong

Someday will be gone, must say "goodbye"

But the love you gave will always live

You'll always be there every time I fall

You are to me the greatest love of all

You take my weakness, and you make me strong

And I will always love you till forever comes

And when you need me

I'll be there for you, always

I'll be there, your whole life through

I'll be there, this I promise you, mamma

I'll be your beacon through the darkest nights

I'll be the wings that guide your broken flight

I'll be your shelter through the raging storm

And I will love you till forever comes

Till we meet again

Until then


Thank you for reading!

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Written by   57
1 year ago
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Enjoy the moment while it last, there are some people we want to live but life has a different path set for us all

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Hmm. This is deep. Thank you so much

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