A $145 for a Bachelor's Degree

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The PLOT TWIST of my story...

So, here's the continuation of my previous article, the rationale why everything happens for a reason and the proof of God's promise that he did not lead you any further in life only to forsake you at the end.

I didn't say anything about our department giving us options back then. Even when we received the most heartbreaking news, our Dean still provided us with a ray of hope. Maybe it's their way of not making us feel so depressed while yet making us believe that our journey isn't a losing battle. Here's what they had to offer us.

  • Enroll in this school year's Summer Class and pay more than the regular tuition because the subjects must be requested.

This is the most enticing to us and what they definitely recommend us to do. We must enroll in a summer class to receive credit for the two subjects of BS Management Accounting. These are the only subjects for which we cannot receive credit with our current course, so we must enroll. And, because summer class ends in May, we only have this month to complete the course requirements for these two subjects. If we choose this option, we will be declared BSMA graduates for the Summer batch. And this is fine with us; at the very least, we will have a degree and will be able to work if we so desire.

  • Wait until the next school year and enroll in the two subjects that are given on a regular basis; this way, we will pay a lower tuition fee.

This is less appealing because face-to-face classes will almost certainly be recommended next school year. It would also be a waste of time to only attend two subjects. So we didn't explore this alternative since, while we would pay a much lesser tuition, the opportunity cost would be our time and a bachelor's degree, which we could obtain much sooner.

  • Wait until next school year's second semester to retake the subjects we failed this semester and graduate as BSA.

It's appealing, but it's not reassuring. If only we can ensure that the second attempt will be successful, then we will go for it. Even though we have a lot of time to study, there is no guarantee that we will pass the mock board exam and graduate as BSA on our second try. So it's not really better if we just go with this choice.

So those were the three possibilities presented to us, and we needed to make a decision immediately because we didn't have enough time to request the subjects. And without a doubt, we chose the first choice.


This decision will assist us in obtaining a bachelor's degree this summer. We may want to graduate as BSA, but for the time being, we will swallow our pride and accept that we will only be able to graduate as BSMA. What is the difference between BSMA and BSA? The only difference is that being a BSA graduate allows us to take the board exam and become a CPA, whereas in BSMA there is no board exams.

Last May 2, 2022, our instructor announced that we are already enrolled for summer. What's more, our tuition fee is only P7K+ or $145+ instead of roughly P23K+ or $460+ because our dean requested consideration from the head office, which they granted, which is a blessing to us.

And now the challenge is to obtain and earn myself the $145 for my tuition fee, which is my goal for the month of May. Because I don't have a job yet, I'll make the most of this earning site. I plan to work hard and hassle more while attending and complying with my summer class requirements.

This way, I won't have to ask my parents for help, and my tuition will no longer be a burden for them. I don't have to save the entire $145, I only need to save $80 for this month because the rest will be covered by my excess CHED scholarship this semester. So, beginning today, my earnings from noise and potential earnings from here will be accumulated to pay for my tuition. That is my goal for this month, and so help me God.

I understand that for some, my story isn't particularly interesting for me to share it here, but I'm doing so regardless, in the hope that it will inspire someone, somewhere, somehow. I'm hoping it will motivate every individual who has battled, every heart that has been disappointed, that as long as there is life, there is always hope, and there is always a way that God has created for us. Things may not have gone out the way we planned, prayed for, or envisioned, but they will come out positively someday, according to God's plan for us.

You may have received bad news today, or you may have failed to fulfill the goals you set for yourself, but do not give up and do not lose hope. God has beautiful things in store for you, so prepare to embrace them. God's plan is always greater and better than ours.

Until then, THANK YOU for taking the time to read this article.

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Kaya yan sis. Sipag, tiyaga and tiwala lang sa sarili. ☺️

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1 year ago

In due time you will be able to earn more than $100 a month from here.

I agree with you. When bad things happen, we should not lose hope. Learn from the past and move on.

God bless

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1 year ago

Goodluck sis! Believe in yourself that you can do better this time. Fighting!

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1 year ago

Thank you for the motivation sis, yes, I will do better this time around.

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1 year ago

Keep interacting with the other users sis so that the bot would recognize you always.

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1 year ago

Okay, sis, I'll keep that in mind, thank you again for the guidance. Di pa naman ako masyado nag cocomment hehehe

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1 year ago