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Stop the stupid attack on BCHA

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1 year ago

This fork did not cause serious divisions and lasting antagonisms in the community. Many people support the development of the two sides. This is a good thing.

The current attack on bcha is not beneficial to the attacker and the ecology except to show extremist fanaticism.

Stupid behavior will make the rational people in the ecology disappointed in bchn and the future of bch.

The war is over. Spend time and resources on construction. Don’t create panic, show stupidity, and drive community members to btc, eth, and even ltc.

The true meaning of liberalism is that every crypto community has a free space for survival and development.

Only ignorant savages aim to eliminate the opponent completely. This is not freedom, this is tyranny! It's no different from csw who clamored to kill bch.

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I have a feeling the attacker is anti-BCH.

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1 year ago