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⛽Gas Price affects the lifestyle of a simple individual🏗️

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6 months ago

Gas Price affects the lifestyle of a simple individual

Title: Gas Price affects the lifestyle of a simple individual

Blog No: 19

Writer: Princeyahwe

Date Published: March 10, 2022

Time: 6:02 am

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🏗️Have you seen what would be the effect of this Gas price hike?

Absolutely if there is a cause there should be an equal effect. Higher gas prices mean that each of us pays more small retailers, so the expenses from other needs will be lessened this creates the wave effect even in big industries. An individual who is working and using his vehicle for transportation cannot complain due to the need for gas for work.

In general, higher oil prices are a drag on the economy and can impact everything from consumer spending to the transportation of those goods and services we rely on each day. Ordinary consumers like me may drop my expenses to others and transfer to the gasoline expense

So there will be an adjustment on the habits especially in using the vehicle, which is forced this effect to the higher cost of the certain industries. If people spend less on the other commodities this means decreased sales of the business. This can affect the company’s capability to hire more employees it can cause fewer job openings.

Everything will be affected, even the electricity bill will be increased due to the usage. The production and the transportation of the goods will be lessened,

If there are fewer goods, people practice hoarding disorder like what happened to us during super typhoon Odette. I remember when I bought to fish in the market and one of the fish seller said “ 350 per kilo, mahal kau kilo sa isda ky mahal man gasoline sir”

⛽This shows the increase of gas has a rapid effect on the individual as well.

Let’s understand the news from CNN Published Mar 7, 2022 12:39:12 PM

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 7) — Fuel prices are set to go up for the tenth straight time on Tuesday, but the increase is way bigger this time around.

Oil companies announced on Monday that effective 6 a.m. on Tuesday they will be increasing prices of gasoline by ₱3.60 per liter, diesel by ₱5.85/l, and kerosene by ₱4.10/l.

Not all fuel firms, however, would be implementing the same increase.

"Tomorrow, March 8, Unioil will implement a price increase of ₱3.85 per liter on diesel and P2.00 per liter on gasoline," the company announced on social media.

The latest figures from the Department of Energy show that as of today, prices of gasoline have gone up by ₱9.65/l since the start of 2022. Prices of diesel and kerosene increased by ₱11.65/l and ₱10.30/l, respectively.

If there is a negative effect, there are also a few positive effects

1. With high oil prices (and high gasoline prices), people will drive less - staying closer to home for shopping, combining various errands to be more efficient, and so on. Likewise, they will spend less on oil-derived products whose prices rise with higher oil prices. They spend more on the family rather than go hang out outside.

2. Higher gas prices encourage more physical activity. Rising gas prices can help get you in better shape. One research study found that when gas prices increased, people were more likely to engage in a recreational exercise like walking, biking, or running.

3. You tend to be a safer driver when gas prices go up. Because you conserve your gas due to high price. You will budget your travel on the most important destination only.

4. Drunk driving accidents decrease. A study shows that every 15 minutes there is news about car accidents, but due to expensive gas, they tend to conserve it and only go out for an important matter.

5. The environment also is healed. There was no air pollution because there are fewer vehicles so it can produce lesser smoke that can cause air pollution

Lastly a possible may happen is the increase of the minimum wage here in the Philippines Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III has ordered the review of minimum wage across the country as oil prices continue to increase.

But I am not telling you that it will happen but Again there is a possibility.

🏧Author's Epilogue

👨‍💻 Thank you fellas for sparing your time again by reading this blog. Hope you have gained something from this article. Before I end my blog, take time to read my previous article. Then here's the link.

📦Title: lets track Covid 19 updates

👨‍💻 Disclaimer: All texts and information are based on this reference: price gas hike. Any similarity to other contents is unintentional. The article is not advised to follow. It is made for educational purposes only. Make research before adopting or using my opinion. 💻All pictures are downloaded from and edited from 3D gif maker. 💻

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Written by   56
6 months ago
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What if they just make a vehicle that can run using a water. It can save you money and also the ecosystem as it will not produce a carbon dioxide that cause by the gas.

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6 months ago

In a few words, how is Venezuela today? Yes! It is an example of what you write in your article. Paradoxical because Venezuela is one of the richest countries in oil and we do not have gasoline:( greetings

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6 months ago

I really appreciate your valuable ideas. Hope that the government of the Philippines will take action on this and hope the people itself in the community will do their part as well

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6 months ago

Due to this rapid oil price increase ,every basic commodity also increases.To a minimum salary earner citizen with 5-7 members in the family,eating three times a day could be called a "bluff."This is one of the many reasons ,why many are out of school youths.Some were tempted to stop school and be employed to earn money to sustain their needs.Therefore economic stability of one nation really affects people's way of living.

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6 months ago

sakto jud maam, connected jud ni tanan , if down ato economic apektado jud ang mga simple mga tawo

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6 months ago

Timely article sir. This is very true that though we see the oil price hike negatively, there is always a positive side to it. Things happen for a reason and somehow changes oir perspective in life.

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6 months ago

Hope mudako ako sweldo maam pro same ghapon mudako sad ato tax hehe

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6 months ago