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Similarities: A prompt word by @JonicaBradley

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1 week ago

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This is a prompt word by @JonicaBradley and here is the link to her post (SIMILARITIES)

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I understand vividly the difference between "Similarities" and "Differences" and since then, I never forget both. While Similarities means same thing that is common between two things, Difference is what distinguishes one from another. As human beings, we all are similar to each other in the sense that we can move, talk, dance, breathe, eat, reproduce etc but we are different in terms of Personality.

Personality is what an individual exhibit and what he or she can do that is different from another. What distinguishes one from another. Just like two babies born on the same day which are known as twins, both came from the same mother and are protected by the same father, there are so much differences between them which differentiate their abilities.

For my post today, I want to emphasize on the similarities of Cultures in Nigeria.

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We all believe Culture is the way of life of people. The way we behave, act, talk, perform is what sums up what a Culture is. Different countries have their own culture and how it is practiced but I will only be dwelling on that of my country (Nigeria). All Cultures have characteristics such as;

  • How they initiate one another

  • Their traditions

  • History

  • Values

  • Principles

  • Purpose

  • Symbols

  • Boundaries etc

Different tribes that practice culture are Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Efik, Ibibio, etc. Though we all practice differently but the similarities in them is what I will be highlighting now.


Family System: You will agree with me that Family is made up of a father, mother and children (this is a very common definition to everyone even a child can define this without having to get confused) and there are two kinds of family which are; Nuclear and Extended Family. Without going into details, all Cultures have these kinds of family.

Eating style: In Nigeria, we all know the similarity in our mode of eating is using our hands to eat especially when eating these local foods, we use our fingers to take the food into our mouth.

Religion: Religion is what we believe in. It is a system of belief or worship. There are three common types of religion which are; Christianity, Islamic and Traditional religion. We all have the same God we worship but our ways of relating to Him is different.

Naming Ceremony: I have never seen a tribe who doesn't name a child after he or she is born. It is our belief that once a child is born, there must be a stipulated time to give the child a unique name. For example, in Yoruba tribe, we name a child on the 8th day after a baby is born, whereas some do that on the 7th day. The similarity in there is that we do the naming ceremony.

Burial Ceremony: It is said that every dead should be buried and put in the grave. All Cultures permits that but their way of doing that is different. Let's take for instance, in Yoruba land, and as Christian, when someone dies, he or she is given a befitting burial Ceremony and a date is picked to be buried whereas in the Muslim way, when the person dies before 4pm, he or she is to be buried on that day but if he or she dies after 4pm, then they bury such person the next day. Different tribes with Different Cultures but their similarity is that the dead is placed in the ground.

Marriage: This is the joining together of a man and woman to become husband and wife. Every Tribes has different cultures about marriage and how it is being practiced but it is a must to join both together in Holy Matrimony.

Taboos: Every group have one form or taboo or the other. Taboo means what you must not do and against the laws of each Culture.

Occupation: The most and common occupation in all tribes in Nigeria are Farming and Trading. These form the basic occupation of the people before the arrival of colonial masters.

Respect for Elders: Respecting elders is very necessary and important to all Nigerian groups and it is a culture everyone must flow with. It is expedient that we respect those who are older than us and not disrespect them in anyway.

So with all of these, I have been able to bring out the similarities in the Culture of Nigeria. @JonicaBradley thanks for this prompt word again.

I am inviting @Anabiya to join in this prompt

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Written by   65
1 week ago
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Good article. I enjoyed reading this. This prompt surely will give idea to every users. Now, I have learned similarities of our country to Nigeria. ☺️

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1 week ago

I am happy you learnt something. Thank you so much

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1 week ago

Good read! I got to know more about the cultires, thanks to you! :) I haven't tried out this prompt yet. Hahaha, wish me luck in finding ideas.

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Yes, I believe you will find ideas. I also was out of ideas but after a while, i got something to write on.

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1 week ago

Our multi-diversities are still very similar in all ramifications. Humans are the same in thinking and action. The purpose for which we compare ourselves is basically because of the essence of like-mindedness that exists. Technology, career, politics, economy and trade has brought all human societies together because we have similarities in our dealings.

$ 0.00
1 week ago

You are very right. Thanks for the input

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1 week ago