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Want to Play and Earn Crypto?

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1 year ago

Isn't it great that we can earn just by playing?

This game is called Rollercoin. A mining simulation game created in 2018. This game is very simple and straight forward. Just play games then hashrates/power will be earned, that power will be used to mine your crypto automatically.

So it means even if you are not using it, as long as you have power, it will mine even while you are sleeping. 💤

First is to create your rollercoin account here. All you need is your email and you're good to go.


After creating an account, you will see your mining room. This is where we place our miners (If ever we buy some), we will see our character and our Computer.

Here's an example, my room here in Rollercoin. Welcome! (Tuloy po kayo!) 😆

On top of our room we will see this details,

  • Wallet : The mined coin will go here. You can see your balance of each coin.

  • Electricity : As of now, there is no significant function for this.

  • Network Power : You can see details like block numbers, number of active users and the network power of each coins.

  • My Power : This will be the total power you've collected with playing games and also if you bought some miner devices. You can adjust the Power allocation by tapping the arrow beside the My Power slot.

  • Block Reward : This would be the amount of coins to be mined every one block mined (approx. every 5minutes)


To earn crypto, we need to have POWER. It will be used to mine automatically your choice of crypto.

Simple rule: > The higher the Power, the higher your earnings!

There are two major ways to earn here:


Buying a miner device is the most popular way to earn here. There are different miner that you can choose depending on your budget. Yeah, we need to deposit first to buy a device. View the informations of each Miners before buying them.

Each miners has their specific speed or the Power, of course the expensive the miner means the higher it yields.

Here are sample of virtual miner that we can buy within this game:


Together with miners, we also need to buy its Rack. This is an equipment used to place our miners. Each Rack has its different capacity, so if you plan to buy your miner, take some consideration of the type of Rack you need.

Here are the two available Racks:


  • PLAY

So here's the best part. Earn without investing. Yes, we can earn Power without buying miner. Just play games🤩.

You will enjoy all of this game. Time killer yet very rewarding.

Available Games

Here are some details of each game and my gameplay. You can choose your favorite or play them all😉

  • Coinclick

The rule of the game is very simple, within 1 minute we need to click the dropping coins. We need to click it before it touches the grass and don't touch the bomb💣.

Coin Click
  • Token blaster

We need to fight other space ship in this game. We have to avoid the bullets and other ships going near to our ship. There are also some random power ups that give extra bullet for our ship. Take care because we only have three lives here.

Token Blaster
  • Flappy Rocket

A very familiar game, we should avoid the candlesticks by tapping your screen to move our ship upwards. We only have three lives here, so be careful.

Flappy Rocket

  • Cryptonoid

This game is one of my favorite here. Within 1 minute we need to break the blockchain by bouncing the ball to them. We also have three lives here, so avoid the ball to fall. There are some random powerups too, i called them the fireball, the double bullet and the sticky gum. 😊


  • Coin Match

A game like candycrush. We need to click and drag the coin to move it and make matches of up to five coins in a row. You will like it😉

Coin Match

  • Crypto Hamster

The goal of this game is to go to the moon. Our character jumps automatically, we just need to click left or right arrow or touch the left and right part of the screen. Tap the screen or up arrow to shoot the aliens. A very tough game.

Crypto Hamster

  • 2048 COINS

A 2048 game but instead of numbers, crypto coins are being merged. This one is so easy, just slide up, down, left and right for mobile and arrow keys for desktop, to merge the two identical coins and merged them to create a new coin.

2048 Coins

  • Coin Flip

This game will test your memory. Tap the miner to open and reveal what coin does it mine. We need to match two identical coin to clear the level. Fun, right? 😁

Coin Flip

  • Dr. Hamster

One of the easiest game, like a brick game. We need to match each coin to clear the blocks. Just tap the left or right screen to move the falling bricks and also we can rotate by clicking the green button on the right part of the screen.

Dr. Hamster

  • Token Surfer

The goal is to collect the coins by jumping throught them. Tap the screen to jump and avoid obstacles and avoid to fall. Double tap will activate the double jump tricks, a very handy skill.

Token Surfer

So here are the games available for now, there are more slots that in the future they will add more games.

*Each game usually has a timer of 60 seconds. Which really don't take too much of our time.

*Every after game we need to click Gain Power and wait for the validation so that the Power will be added to our miner power.

*Each game here has 10 levels of difficulties. Each has three level to move to a higher difficulty. The higher the difficulty the bigger the Power to be earned. Then a higher Power means a higher crypto earnings😉.

Also, the more we play games a higher Computer level will be rewarded to us, Free. At first, We are provided with a default weaker computer that could hold lesser time for our Power.

Our Computer is very important in this miming because this will hold the validity of our Powers.

Here are the types of Computer:


This Computer can hold our Power for 72 hours.


This computer can hold Power for 120 hours.


This is the most powerful computer so far, with this our Power will last for 168 hours.


Reminder: These powerful computer are all temporary. Which means they will all be gone, to maintain this in our possession, we need to play at least one game every 24 hours.

So depending on our Power, each block that was mined every 5 minutes (Approximately) a coin will be rewarded to our wallet.

We can choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin or all of them. Just adjust the chart allocation of your power in your Room.


Is this game really paying?? 🤔

Of course, before we waste our time, we should check if it is paying. So here is my withdrawal of Doge here:

Withdrawal of 360 Doge👍
Received 360 Doge😊

Minimum withdrawal:

Bitcoin: 0.0001

Ethereum: 0.004

Dogecoin: 360

Another good thing about this game is there is no withdrawal fees. 👏

(as of now Eth has transaction fee🤦‍♂️)

My Opinion

If you're not planning to invest more miners, better not to buy a single device. Why? Because the Power it has might not suffice to return your invested crypto. Especially if you just buy few miner then let it mine in its own, WITHOUT playing games to earn more Power.

My best recommendation to earn more and maintain the validity of your Power is to play a game atleast once a day. Depending on the level of your Computer is the validity period of our Power earned from games.

It is also best to at least to reach level 10 of at least one game. With this you can maintain the Power you have and might suffice to have a better yield every 5minute-block mining.

This time of earning platform is much better compared to other faucet sites, wherein you need to used it to earn. Rollercoin is automated which is I find very convenient, especially I had busy schedule.

The things I don't like about this, Nothing😁. Not being biased, but I really like this project. Maybe it would be best if it supports BITCOINCASH, but nonetheless it's great!

Let's go and play this game! > ROLLERCOIN

I will include this platform in my 1 BCH journey for 2021.

How? The earnings I'll earn from this will be exchanged to BCH after withdrawal. 😊

#Club1BCH 💚

Thank you so much for reading☺️

Good luck 🎉

Photos and Gifs are from my own rollercoin account and gameplay

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Written by   84
1 year ago
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I just enrolled now😊

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1 year ago

Ilang araw mo na earn yang 360 doge?

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1 year ago

2weeks ata yan, Dpende kasi sa maipon na power kakalaro, bihira ko nkakalaro e🤣

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1 year ago

Ehhh, maayos na din yan ha kesa sa mga paasang scam. Pero diba tumaas doge so lumaki tubo mo??

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1 year ago

Oo, tagal na din yan nagooperate, kaya ok sya.

Haha from 0.8 cents to 11 usd ung 205 doge n binenta ko🤣

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Hala ang galing 😱, laki talaga ng tinaas nya ano.

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Kaya nga e.. Kung alam lang natin🤣sobrang mura pa nun dati haha

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Kaya nga ee pwro bumaba na ulit ata si doge ee hahaha

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Oo, pero mataas pa dn un compared sa 0.004 na price nya dati haha. Sana namalenke ako noon🤣 lol

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Haha sayang nga ano, malaki sana nitubo.

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Onga ee. May next time pa naman. kay BCH tayo 😁

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Kay BINAY tayooo 🙋🙋

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Wow, daming games! Subukan ko nga din palaro sa anak ko. Salamat ulit sa pagshare

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Welcome po. And thank you din😊

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I have that..pinapalaro ko sa bagets kong pinsan para tumaas power ko hahaha

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Hahha teknik lang yan dba haha. Nageenjoy naman siya.. Haha at ikaw lalo🤣

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1 year ago

hahaha...pano tamad na tamad ako...tas konti lang kapag ako, nung sya yung pinaglaro ko umabot ng 100 ung power ko, nag upgrade na ung computer nung receptionist hahhahaha

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1 year ago

Haha lakas kaya nung 100 power haha.sipag ng tagapag laro mo hahaha Ako nmn nabusy aun napabayaan ung power haha. Buti nakawithdraw pa ko ng doge, sakot tumaas price😁

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