Who Runs The World?

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1 year ago

The power of a woman cannot be underestimated. Any man who tries to look down on a woman is doing so at his detriment. I have come to note that to make a woman be in favour of you, there is need to play to the gallery. 

Look at what it could be, listening to Whitney Houston's Old school song, *I'm saving all my love for you*. I assume Whitney Houston was my sidekick. And she begins to tell her friends 

That boy can't dress neither can cook

There is one thing that he does so well. Only a woman can tell you what you are good at and what you struggle doing. That is the power of a woman. 

You guys are wonderful. I mean the ladies. They are the only one that calls you the head of the family but they are the one controlling the affairs. You know, I used to shout but my virtues left me. Like when she announces that she is travelling, I just fake it like I am not happy she is travelling. 

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I am God-fearing but I fear my mother more. You know, those times we go to visit our family friends. And we were served a meal. You need to see my mama's face before you can accept anything you were presented with. 

Unlike these days. Our Sundays are like this. We go to church without eating and we dare not break the fast. 

After church service, my mum would take us to visit her friend. On one of such visits, my mother's friend served us rice and chicken and I was dead hungry. Right before me is a plate of fried rice and chicken but I had to consult the oracle before dipping my spoon. 

Mama, can I eat?

I already knew the answer to this question. Mama just laughed and said:


Whenever she stresses the answer to any question, you need to know that she was in disagreement with what is being asked. So, I just watched the other kids devour the chicken and fried rice. 

I trust my mother. Non-verbal communication is a way we get to talk without a stranger knowing. 

Women are indeed powerful. Whenever a woman heads an organizations, things are done in a modest way. 

Recently, I just got thinking. Before now, you'd hear:

Behind a successful man, there is a woman. 

Things have changed in our days. The saying above have been reframed. It is now put like this:

Beside a successful man, there is a woman. 

A time would come and the woman will be ahead. Then the saying would become:

In front of every successful man, there is a woman. 

By then, when a woman becomes the governor of a state. For example in Nigeria, where women are rarely accorded such opportunities, the case would now be that instead of the woman being a first lady of the state, it would be the man that would have to change his status. He would become the first gentleman of the state. 

One other aspect that I can't forget very easily is that a man can treat your misdeed once and for all. But if you happen to offend my mother, and I think the same goes for most mothers, she would refer to the issue all day. She may not get to spank you but the words she would utter are stronger the strokes you dared. 

Now, tell me. Who do you think runs the world, is not women? 

No matter what a man has attained, he still end up falling for in the bosom of a woman. 

Women runs the world.

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1 year ago


Women runs the world. This is really great

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