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What An Adult Sees While Sitting

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1 month ago

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Dele decided to settle down by getting married to the wife of his dreams, Sharon. It has been a huge decision for him but he had a choice to make as soon as possible. Sharon works with a new generation bank as operation manager, she has a huge career to build and would not want anything to come in-between.

Since it is December and the Christmas celebrations are near, Dele decided to invite Sharon to meet his mother. His father had died while he was much younger. When he told Sharon about his intention to introduce her to his mother, Sharon mumbled at the saying and tried avoiding it. Since Dele persisted, she had no choice but to accept.

As part of the preparations to travel home for Christmas, the lovebirds went shopping for some new dresses and beverages to spend the two weeks holiday in his remote village somewhere in Osun state. Since all companies will be closing for the year, staff were paid their allowances and festivity bonuses which gave Dele enough money to throw around.

On the day of the journey, Dele drove from Lagos to Ipetu-Modu in Ijeshaland. It was a long journey and boring because the highway was so deserted due to the reports that kidnappers have taken over that route. So, Dele decided to be on top speed throughout the journey keeping a safe distance between any vehicle ahead of him and never allowing any car to overtake him.

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When they arrived home, it was already late in the afternoon when the sun was biting very hot. Mama was so happy to see his son, looking handsome like his father only that he has grown beards that made him look different. Sharon greeted mama and they exchanged pleasantries as Dele introduced her to his mum.

The next morning, Dele went to arrange a keg id fresh palm wine as a welcome package for Sharon to village life.

Sharon babe. Come taste some local palm wine. You'd like it.

Sharon looked at me with some disgust and took a sip.

Ouch!! It has a sour taste but it's good on the tongue.

Sharon took over the kitchen from mama to assume the wifey's duty. She looks pretty well. How first meal was beans puffy with pap in the morning. Mama loved it so much and demanded more after the first dish. They soon got acclimatized to each other.

Mama had felt something odd about Sharon but tried severely had to hide it under her dress. She doesn't want her to be uncomfortable. So she decided to lay low. This feeling won't just go. So, mama decided to talk to his son, Dele.

Dele, since you came with this lady, I love the way you both cared for each other. You hope to make a perfect couple. But there something about Sharon that is not clear.

Dele adjusted in his seat.

Then mama continued

You should visit her people to know more about her.

Then Dele cleared his throat and said to mama:

She is an orphan. And had seen himself through school.

Mama bolted and said:

I knew it. There is something strange about her. You can't marry one lady who does not have a trace to family.

Dele became confused and asked mama to she more light on the matter. Why won't she get married to Sharon? He loves her passionately and can do anything to make her his wife.

Then mama begins to tell him more:

Dele my son. There some things that are rather kept for the ears of children like you. That lady is beautiful and has a great career in her hands, but she won't make a good wife. Not because she doesn't have character but because she has some family past of repeated patterns that may play out in her future marriage.

At this level, Dele became very scared of what to do. He can't practically allow Sharon slip out of his hands into another man's arm.

Two days before the end of the holiday, they decided to pay a visit to Dele's uncle, his paternal uncle. When they reached his house, they were warmly received. De wasted no time introducing Sharon to his uncle. As uncle rose to have a handshake with Sharon, a mark on her wrist caught his attention but he still shook hands with her.

Immediately, uncle called out Dele to have a private discussion with him being his house. There he told Dele that Sharon is an outcast and that the can't marry. It is a taboo for freeborn to get married to outcast.

When they had concluded their discussions, they returned inside and Sharon was nowhere to be found. They reached everywhere but she was gone.

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Written by   125
1 month ago
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What happened to Sharon that she left, did she listened to their conversation? What is the meaning of an outcast?

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1 month ago

Good one, I don't get the point well about Sharon but what if she was judged wrongly?

In some instances, it is not everything the elders see is correct.

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1 month ago

Dele must know Sharon first before marrying her but that does not mean he will just left Sharon behind. He can still be with Sharon while figuring things out.

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1 month ago

It is very important for us listen to our parents advice most times because we can never tell what may happen in the future.

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1 month ago

Truly what an adult sees while sitting, a child can't see it while standing

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1 month ago

Mother's knows best after all. I wonder where Sharon went.

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1 month ago

The wisdom of our elders(especially parents and more especially mums/women) should never be played down.

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1 month ago