How I saved The Day: Shopping Mall Attempt Kidnap.

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1 year ago

After work yesterday, I went to a mall to get some needed items for the week and it was like I have never been there before. From the moment I entered the place,  I sensed something was not right and I did not want to bother my head. Straight to the counter for beverages I went. It was difficult to get the preferred milk, probably because they ran out of stock. 

So, I decided to do something else. I went for the toothpaste, body cream, hair cream, perfumes and whatnot then suddenly, I dashed into a very beautiful lady who was on a telephone call and smiling away. She was standing by the refrigerator and from the look of things, she wanted to get drinks. 

To say the least, the lady is a damsel with feminine contours in the right places. Pink lips, blue eyes and light skin got me attracted. Since one is married, I didn't want to lust because it would be an injustice to my wife, so I quickly brushed my eyes away before my mind began to work on my mouth and legs. 

The lady was barely on the call when I noticed a suspicious movement. Four guys dressed in black jeans and designer tops were walking briskly around the aisle of the mall, buying or picking nothing in particular. 

I wanted to leave the mall but something tells me to keep an eye on the innocent lady, that's my instinct, probably. 

I had picked all that I wanted to buy and moved towards the counter to make payment when two more guys entered the mall and one was leaving. 

The lady has a cool set of eye but she seemed saucy from the conversation she was making through the phone. That made me ignore her and sought help from the mall staff of the mall. Straight away, I went to pay for the stuff I had picked on the counter while I engaged the attendant. 

"I think that lady in the blue dress may need some help. She is probably on the trail of those guys in different corners of the mall."

My silent movie pierced her ears as she started shaking. She was so unstable that I had to start working on her not to raise any dust, else the danger would be uncontrollable. All these happened in the twinkling of an eye. 

She drew her remote control closer and started checking the CCTV screen to see the location of the guy in the mall. They were just changing their location and buying or picking nothing. One unfortunate thing is that the mall has no male staff from what I later found out. 

Kenny, the lady at the counter, had called an emergency police number. Now she was a little calmer than when I announced it to her. While we were concluding my payment, the lady walked up to pay for the drinks she had picked, at the same time, I moved out and stood close but in a safe distance so that I could see what next the guys were up to.

To my utmost amazement, there were tens of police officers lurking around the premises. It is the first time I would be seeing the police responding quickly to an emergency case in Nigeria. The case had always been that there were no police vans, or the tyres of the available vans had punctured or there was no fuel for movement. You know, such flimsy excuses just to evade confronting the criminals. 

The next thing I saw was that the last came out and was booking a Uber online. While waiting the guys started coming out from the mall too, taking strategic locations in the premises. Two went to an empty van, opened the door while waiting for the others to loop the lady into the van.

I guess they did not observe the police presence at the place. As they were to rough handle the lady, two ladies from the mall came out with hockey clubs. They held the clubs high in their hands in an attempt to smash it on the two guys, then the police waded into the scene and arrested four of the guys while others eloped the scene. 

It all happened like a movie. It is a food thing to be very observant of your immediate environment. What took me aback was that the guys wasted so much time planning how they would kidnap this so-called lady. The same time could have been deployed to plan a productive venture devoid of crimes. 

Everyday, crimes are recorded around the world and humans are the perpetrators. Watch closely and see to it that crimes are unveiled and the right security agencies are alerted before it becomes consequential. 

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1 year ago


Oh my God!! I'm just so scared of the way people get kidnapped these days. The rate of kidnap is alarming. I'm glad that she did not get kidnapped. May God continue to guide and protect us. Everybody is scared 😪😪

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1 year ago

As we go out every day, we should be watchful. Any suspicious movement should be refuted as quickly as possible. Kidnapping is now a thriving illegal business in Nigeria and around the world.

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1 year ago