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You worry too much. Life has to be taken with ease. The way you are going, you may not live to enjoy what you have laboured for. It is good to desire better outcomes in your undertakings but if they are not forthcoming, relax and enjoy the moment. Many things get in the

 way as to why people don't live their dreams. 

Food On The Table

It is on record that a lot of people, especially breadwinners die before their time. The many thoughts of putting food on the table is one major aspect people toil about day and night. The place of rest has been taken away from their private dictionary. Look out through your window, as the sun rises in the morning, so shall turbulent times be. They never stop rising. You only get to see the rising, but you never can tell how it would end. So, in your daily living, be as form as possible, hold the fort and support that which you already have. 

Bills To Pay

Recently, a man who was accused of stealing some money and given an ultimatum to pay the sum, felt so tired of life, knowing that he wasn't the one who took the money. He lost the courage to stand this test of time. Feeling that the best way out of the shame was to claim his life. He approached the third mainland bridge in Lagos and scaled the barricade to jump into the sea. 

A young lady saw him and appealed to him but he persisted after telling his story and jumped into the sea. 

Many such people exist. Since they know they have no defense for a crime they did not commit, they may decide to end it all.

Let's cut our coats according to the material available to us. Life will continue no matter what you do to stop it. Be moderate and do not accumulate the bills that may end up choking you. 

Unfaithful Workers 

It could be in the little office that you are designated to supervise or elsewhere as a leader that you are not getting the proposed results. Things will fall in shape, just do all that is required and leave the rest. 

Remember that someone must have been in that position before you and he or she has left. The same thing would happen, someday you will leave too. You do not have to STRESS yourself trying to make a point.

If you are permitted not to change those sets of workers who are not in support of your aspirations, then manage them. 

Stress Kills

Dear friend, as you read through this post, get to know that in all your getting, the wisdom to relax your nerves is as important as your life. People die on a daily basis but no one seems to care about what must have caused their deaths. 

So, I advise you all to be free. Live your life to the fullest and avoid things that could be so stressful that it can affect your health either mentally or physically. There are so many ways to be happy and all you have to do is try to unlock that happiness within you. Ways you can find happiness are so many.

Take yourself out

You shouldn't bother everytime about certain things. Sometimes you just have to take yourself out and spoil yourselves. Let out your stress in whatever way you can. Hit the spa, get a massage, go shopping and buy things that would make you happy.

Avoid thinking all the time

Overthinking about certain things can lead to depression. Let go of that stress within. For example if it is your boss that is stressing you out and he or she makes you feel so frustrated, try to ease that stress and tell yourself they're not worth it because really, they aren't. 

Talk to yourself and motivate yourself.

When you wake up in the morning, try to tell yourself it's a new day and nothing can bring down your high spirit. No frustrating boss, no bill, and no unfaithful person can stress you to the point where it is detrimental to your health.

Try to take a break

Take a break from everything that is happening around you and just have some alone time to yourself. Alone time helps you to gather your thoughts together and know the next step of action for you to take.

I hope this is able to allow you to kill stress and not allow stress to kill you. Take that break and have fun and once in a while, forget those problems and just be free and happy.

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May we be alive to enjoy the fruit of our labor...

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All this point you mention are correct

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