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Art Adds Sauce To Life

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1 month ago
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This is a busy day that tied my hands to my desk. I felt like coming around to even see how the market was fairing but time will not permit me. The task that took my attention away in no other than the Art assessment of my students. 

The Basic nine students, fifty-five of them would be sitting for the state terminal examination in June and as part of the assessment, they have to carry out a project work in different subjects. Today, it is Creative and Cultural Arts. 

The art teacher just put to bed yesterday. She had been very engaged with the students and suddenly, her water broke. The female staff had to take her to the clinic where in less than two hours, she was delivered of a baby boy. 

When the Assessor came around, I had to cover up for her in collaboration with some other teachers. Believe me, it is a great experience. 

All learners have been categorised. Some are to present a project work on Mosaic, others on Painting, and the third group on Sculpture. I chose to present the student on Mosaic. 

Mosaic Art

This class of art is simply using pieces of paper to design an image. In most cases, especially for amateur artists, a drawing would have been made before on a plain sheet of paper, then it is cut into cube shapes after which the cube papers could be used to gum a board where the sense come real. 

The art came out fine. When the Assessor first saw them, he doubted that it was the handwork of the learners. Though he didn't utter a word, I only perceived his doubts in his countenance. Since some learners where still fixing or putting finishing touches on their work, I stylishly led him to the studio where he saw with his two naked eyes that it was their work. 

One by each, he called them to ask one.or two questions bothering on what they had done. It wasn't like he was disappointed as he dug into the knowledge of the learners on their projects and met some groundbreaking details.

I was so happy that the learners did so well answering the Assessor's questions. He took his time to appraise each learner and got to give us all a thumbs up. 

While they was done. I received a band of junior class students, perhaps they have been a group working on a project secretly that they would like to present to me as a surprise. 

Basic Technology With Carton

These three guys built a house using waste materials like cartons and bad component from an abandoned central processing unit of a computer. 

There was no way I could have asked them to leave my office, that could demoralise them. I needed to write a post and needed about two to three hours to myself but it here they are. I watch them make their presentation. It was quite a good one. They were explicit. 

After about thirty minutes of their presentation, I asked them to put it in pen and paper for onward presentation for a state government project coming up in June. 

Now, seeing these guys do well gave me some kind of smooth feeling. A feeling that when a teacher does his job passionately, it could birth surprises with the learner. 

No Child Is A Dunce

Contrary to what some people believe, no child is a dunce or dullard. The only problem is that schools only tried using the cognitive approach in the teaching-learning process. 

Teachers could identify learners with different abilities other than learning within the four walls of the classroom if they consider using the psychomotor and effective domain as an approach to teaching. 

After a long day, my head is packed up with the events of the day. The best I could have some is to give a report on how my day went. 

All Images Are Mine

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Written by   226
1 month ago
Topics: Art, Craft, Learning, Education, Gems, ...
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It waa indeed a busy day for you, those children really tried in coming up with something tangible. These are some of the things that should be done in various schools, they should not base only what they are being taught in classroom, creativity is something we should take serious with them. I must confess that those children tried for coming up with something beautiful.

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1 month ago

This brought back the school memories, I love art and project from intro-tech. It was great fun and I still apply lots of those knowledge today, the art from the pictures looks great. You should rest very well

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1 month ago