The Legend of Fonta Vox: Let's Get Lost into her Dimensional World

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"And now for a new episode of a legendary heroine herself, virgin and untouchable, who loves an adventure even to the new dimension, Fonta Vox will mesmerize your evening" I was listening to this episode on a podcast and I was lost in it...

Whenever I get to hear...

"Fonta Vox!"

my whole system has been rebooted to a new being I find it very mystical. Nothing much to do that night, so I indulged in listening to the podcast instead........

up until I found myself wandering in a place that was not so familiar to me. 

I was trying to check for my way out and found a sign which said, "THE LEGEND OF FONTA VOX"

Oh this was the episode I was trying to listen to just a while back>

hmmm, "but why Love yourself?" 

who is Fonta Vox by the way?

where am I?"


I tried to call my friends on their phones but it said, "NO SIGNAL CAN BE DETECTED! "

You must be kidding me, I was just talking to Mitsuki and to Nahomie in less than an hour and now no signal can be detected? 

They're still out in the middle of Fujiyama town taking selfies as we had our face timing and now...I can't reach them?" hmm strange! or even English is wrong,

NO COVERAGE AREA!" must be the right one."

I tried to dial again and again and yet it kept on ringing and ringing until someone from behind spoke with her lovely smile.

I was bedazzled just by simply looking at her. 

"Am I in heaven?

Am I already dead that I'm seeing an angel?"

"Konbanwa, chosi wa do desu ka? Welcome to Pinto Sirado!

My name is Mayurka and I will be your guide, tutor, professor, and your only contact for this adventure. Come I will show you your Sweet Escape room.

Oh, geez you speak English, great, now I need to call  my friends because I think I'm lost and I could not find my way back!"

"You're not lost, you're on the right dimension, Miyaki. 

Now settled in because The Queen will come and will see you in a moment. 

Just stay right here and we will orient you on what to do!" 

Mayurka turned her back and was about to leave when I stopped her in the doorway.


hey, this is some kind of a joke right?  Look I was just asking you to lend me a phone since I think I'm lost and I needed to call my friends to come and pick me up, and now you're not making sense at all.!"

What do you mean The Queen?  Now I'm really confused and it seemed that things are a bit shady! I'm not drunk right?

I tried to pinch myself to know whether I'm still alive and "ouch!"

"you will understand it better when the royal highness will come and she will explain to you everything.

"Just stay right here in your Sweet Escape abode and continue listening to the podcast.

You will be able to unlock the key on the next dimension.

"In the meantime just get lost in this world.


Mayurka looked at me sternly and with a wink of an eye, she had shown me a picture of a guy, who seemed very carefree with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. I still don't understand anything of what was happening yet I indulged because it seemed that she was making some sense to me little by little now.

This is Prinsipe Tarius. He's about to marry the Queen  yet ......


he was abducted on his way to the Kingdom to ask for the hand of Queen Mayumi.

"For so long we tried to locate his whereabouts and 

we found out that he was imprisoned in a dimension outside Fonta Vox."

hang on, so Fonta Vox is a kingdom? I queried.


Mayurka simply nodded and continued with her story, yet I could not fathom what it had to do with me. Why do I need to be in this Sweet Escape abode? I don't have any superpowers to defeat should the kingdom will be in huge trouble or so I thought.

Prinsipe Tarius was relocated to your world, and we needed to get him back the soonest possible time before The Notorious Forefather of Queen Mayumi will return and he will take over the whole kingdom. We badly need your help Miyaki." she pleaded.

>>Will Miyaki be persuaded by Mayurka?

>>Will she be able to help her and Queen Mayumi?

>>But why Prinsipe Tarius has been relocated to Miyaki's world?


>>How will he survive there?

Find out in the next episode>> THE LEGEND OF FONTA VOX <<<
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I prefer reading similar stories. It inspires me to work and work more harder

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3 months ago

Excellent storyline and a good read. I included you in today's edition of Cryptocracy

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6 months ago

yay thanks for dropping by. Truly appreciated!

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yay thanks. well check on this.

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6 months ago

Wow is this like an anime manga?

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7 months ago

yay! @dauntless! this was taken out of boredom and imagination. Manga is such an awesome platform for you and me. Thanks. I appreciate you for such words.

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