The Internet of Bots and The Anti-BCH Propaganda

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2 years ago

Charlie Lee (founder of Litecoin) in an interview with CNBC five years ago, claimed the target for Bitcoin (BTC) was to replace the dollar.

An empty narrative since Charlie Lee already knew BTC wasn't able to scale.

A month later Lee sold all his LTC and moved into the dollar. From a true believer transformed into a speculator in an instant. Yet, the whole of the LTC community didn't seem to become upset about this at all.

The Litecoin Community didn't react and didn't denounce Charlie Lee massively for being a sell-out as any reasonable person would expect. Imagine the investors' outcry of Bezos selling all his Amazon shares as an example.

In fact, nobody seemed to care that Charlie Lee, the founder and main advocate for Litecoin, actually sold all his LTC. Litecoin's price kept rising, the numbers were increasing and the "good news" of partnerships and developments kept coming for about a month more. This outrageous for any rational investor act was promoted, saluted, and praised by social media:


Weird, huh? This guy on Twitter was even congratulating Charlie Lee for dumping his Litecoin on his investors.

The announcement was on Reddit, yet the comments somehow seem to be completely aligned with accepting this as something natural! We can even find comments that made this to be the perfect occasion to profess the usual hatred towards Bitcoin Cash!


How amazingly convenient for this account (and multiple other Reddit trolls) to divert the topic into trashing BCH!!

But is this even a real account and is there a real person writing this comment? Were the Litecoin communities real people supporting it in 2017 that just decided to abandon LTC in February 2018, entirely?

The Internet of Bots

What happens, when a real person decides to challenge the narrative, stand in the face of the wind instead of following the flow, and ask the real questions?

This is the internet in 2022. The internet of censorship.

The internet was nothing like that twenty, or even ten years ago.

The Anti-Bitcoin Cash Propaganda

The words "scam" and "scammer" are powerful. The BTC influencers are often abusing these terms since it is an easy approach to escape an argument. Just accuse the other person of being a scammer!

Calling someone a scammer, even without evidence, even without a single trace of suspicion, directly implies the accuser is the honest participant.

Have no arguments left? Call Mark Cuban a scammer! Tone Vays is doing the same, why not everyone else?

Random spam-bots, acting like cult members appear out of nowhere and provoke Bitcoin Cash, with a similar approach. Always using personalized attacks (ad hominem) since this is the main direction:

(I'm not exactly sure why these two (Blockstream founders/trolls) are even considered respectable individuals by the mainstream, still not on the subject, so I will let this one go for now).

The propaganda that started in 2014 has evolved and served the interests of a small group of people that provide the direction to the influencers. A disturbing challenge of propaganda for Bitcoin Cash emerged.

Yet, this wasn't just a propaganda coming from BTC supporters, that were just a handful of individuals. The internet algorithms changed to a point we don't know what is real today and what's not.

Python and more programming languages are amazing for automating procedures.

There is a limit to the actions one simple user can perform. The limit is based on the fact that we have only one brain and one keyboard. Yet, with scripts, we are not just one, perhaps we can be hundreds or even thousands.

Depending on our CPU, or the CPUs under one's control, a tech-savvy individual, may equal thousands of real users.

Bots are programmed according to the whims of a dev, or the instructions he received.

The Dead Internet Theory - Most of the Internet is Fake

The extend of manipulation on the internet is extensive. 

According to the "Dead Internet Theory", the vast majority of the internet is just a marketing ploy, using advanced AI technology and paid media influencers, affecting dramatically the public opinion and controlling our attitude.

While this video contains a strong message and should get everyone into rethinking their approach when online, we will examine this phenomenon within the reals of crypto.

"The internet feels empty and devoid of people".

Bots Run the Crypto-Internet with Influencers on Top

First, I want to mention that the number of active addresses does not represent the number of actual users of a network. It could be millions of active addresses executing transactions under a script routine, by just a thousand users or even less. There is almost no way of knowing and nobody will put the effort and resources to find this out.

This is about the blockchain usage, not the trades made on centralized exchanges that are also dubious on the

The Twitter accounts are not data representing adoption, either. With boosting services advertising on google, anything can look like it is popular.


Probably, "crypto bullet" forgets he paid for 100k followers on Twitter. No different than someone paying for 1,500 likes and retweets.

Very eager to categorize Bitcoin Cash as a scam, though, since this is what his cult brainwashed him to claim.

Maybe the price to buy followers was different, yet by exposing this user, he also exposed himself. Quite interesting he didn't even realize how bad this tweet looks.

The same is on YouTube, TikTok, and others. Armies of bots that look legit can turn a video that wouldn't reach any attention into viral. People have this tendency to follow others. And the internet is such an example with the likes/dislikes and views on each video or article being a decisive factor of its value.

"Keep pointlessly arguing with bots online made to offend you to spark unending engagement.".

A war of internet bots and trolls is already running for years. It gets interesting in Reddit, Youtube, and Twitter today, since this is at a test phase. The bots are learning and their devs are getting better.

An example of this nonsense is this comment. This is a bot. Using standard arguments vastly reproduced since the beginning of Bitcoin, it is picking certain quotes paraphrases and recreates them into a new version, just to keep the discussion.

Certainly, it seems it is not a real person, and its purpose is to keep making a certain point, but also keep confronting other users (in this case me) in a never-ending engagement.

Since nobody cares or has the resources to investigate this further, the bots are on a rampage and destroy the internet experience for (some) users, that remembered it differently.

You say the wrong thing, you get censored, you state your opinion, the algorithm suspends your account. Good luck finding real people.

The views, the clicks, the growth, on YouTube, it's all nonsense. I did YouTube for seven years before I got as big I am today, and it's completely artificial...

...It's all fake...

Say the right things and push the right content and you will succeed, you go with the way the wind is blowing. But if you stand in the face of that wind, you'll be standing there alone with 20 views.

Source (07:00)

Another quote that is important from the video linked above is this one:

The safest thing to assume is that the technology we see in the mainstream today was created 10 to 15 years before we ever saw it. So just imagine what AI can do now.

What we won't be able to comprehend for years.



In Conclusion: How Much of the Internet is Real?

(2013 - source)

We live in a time we don't know what is real or not.

We just read as much as we can and take the mainstream narrative for granted.

The Internet of Bots, Censorship, and Manipulation of public opinion is also manifested in the anti-Bitcoin Cash campaign that is ongoing for several years and should not be expected to end soon.

How much of this is real? How many Reddit bot accounts spreading anti-BCH propaganda are out there so far, is unknown.

A potent coder, can create thousands of accounts and unleash them on any platform, probably going unnoticed for a long time.

"We are just a small voice in a sea of manipulation, money, and power"

And some are doing their part in this.


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2 years ago



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2 years ago

You are right the number of followers doesn't mean a thing if the reaction per post is less than 1%. There are lots of tools to gather "fake followers" for Twitter. Now add the bots to the number of fake, inorganic followers.

It's like planting a few roses in the garden and letting the weeds grow along with it and then exclaiming: "Look I got thousands of plants in my garden! I even have some chili-peppers here and there (thanks to the bird-poop)"

(The chill-peppers are the bots.)

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2 years ago

Honestly, it's becoming harder to differentiate if a comment is coming from a bot, a brainwashed person, a retard, or just a troll. Social media has truly become hell nowadays, not to mention the constant censoring everywhere.

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2 years ago

Propaganda here, propaganda there, all a bundle of noise that hold no water. The fact is you cannot hide something for a child for too long, sooner than you expect, the child get to know it. The issue of smartBCH as actually gains momentum that what the rulers think they can handle, so no resealable person will still want to be caged, spoon feed, and dictate to. The earlier they know this fact the better for everyone.

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2 years ago

My own contribution is Bitcoin Cash is just like the truth, trying to be covered but will keep coming out

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2 years ago

Propaganda is like a lit candle,after sometime it burns off and what's left is the news of SmartBCH that'll make people come after it

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2 years ago

Thousands of fake followers just to make people believe that they are growing, how can someone have 500k follows and the person still struggles for likes and comments, that doesn't make sense to me.

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2 years ago

Exactly. See, people look at number of followers and think this is someone important. Total bs in my opinion.

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2 years ago

The news about profits people are making in SmartBCH will spread. Anyone will be able to try it easily, without spending a lot of money. No propaganda will stop it. Propaganda-based lies can last for a while, but eventually reality will catch up with them and no amount of propaganda will help. In a country where everything is getting more and more expensive and people are getting poorer, if state propaganda keeps telling people that everything is fine and everyone is getting richer, eventually no one will believe it. The same will happen with core propaganda.

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2 years ago

Agreed, smartBCH is a beacon and it is funny to read negative comments by the same haters that should join instead and profit from this since it is still very early.

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2 years ago

Just stupid. They will only notice when their BTC is worth less and less. And it will inevitably happen.

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2 years ago