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The Genesis of the SmartBCH NFT Universe

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3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)

The rise of NFTs has been spectacular throughout the past two years.

Ethereum, WAX, Enjin, and Polygon are some platforms enjoying rapid adoption and high popularity levels.

Various artists and celebrities found it to be a lucrative business, and we watched too many entering this field just for a quick “cash-grab”, although the market has proven it is not just a fad, but has resilience and will keep growing.

With SmartBCH, Bitcoin Cash officially entered the smart-contract field this summer while developers are already creating DeFi platforms offering unique investment instruments and opportunities.

NFTs were bound to be next, and the first collections are already here. The SmartBCH community embraced these attempts and is rushing to mint NFTs. It becomes a trend and there have been a few notable collections already.

NFT artists are taking notice and are actively producing, soon to release their versions of SmartBCH NFTs and offer them for Bitcoin Cash. Marketplaces are getting ready to accommodate NFTs and provide secure platforms for both artists and collectors.

NFT Collections on SmartBCH

We already have a few collections on SmartBCH that I'm going to present immediately.

Poolside Puffers

(Read more: Poolside Puffers! - A SmartBCH NFT Art Project With a Good Purpose!)

The unique NFT collection by Corbin Fraser sold out in just 3 days! NFT collectors minted all 2100 Puffers, and the project donated all the proceeds to an orphanage.

You can view the collection on the website and check the rarity of each Puffer. Also, we can connect with Metamask and find our pool of Puffers.

Puffer Stats

Puffers website:


An interesting NFT collection, created by BlockNG, that also released a SmartBCH token (LAW).

NFT collectors can mint LawPunks for a price of 0.01BCH (link). The same URL can be used to transfer our NFTs to another account.

The first four LawPunks numbers contain popular names in the CryptoVerse, such as CZ and Justin "f.." Sun!

LawPunks follows the same logic of one of the top Ethereum NFT collections (Crypto Punks). It brings in SmartBCH the same concept of human faces including unique features.

LawPunks share similarities with the Ethereum competitor, but we can't deny the fact that demand is what makes an NFT rise in popularity and price.

Almost half of Punks have been minted already. And this is no small number, but 5,000 NFT mints. For the price of 0.01BCH each, there is already 50 BCH volume created by this NFT.

A considerable amount for this early stage of the SmartBCH network.

Law Punks website: Blockng

BA Robots offers some NFT collections created with the use of SmartBCH smart contracts.

We find the SmartBCH version of Fluffy Pony and a few more like BA CatsBA Robots, and Alien Farm

These are some of the first few artists who landed their art on SmartBCH. They offer collectible NFTs that perhaps could be resold later for a higher price, or be used for NFT exhibitions in the future.


NFTs today are still a crude form of digital art and with 3D platforms such as Decentraland, I think we know where this can lead to. Thus, in the future, there is going to be a use case for every NFT, even if there is none today.

Rest SmartBCH collections:

Special Mention:

  • The Sphere: NFT Metaverse. (SLP NFT and blockchain game).

There was hype for SLP NFTs at a point but it later faded away. What remains after the dust settles is the most promising projects with vast potential.

The Sphere offers attractive artwork with its NFT collections.

With more development, I reckon Sphere will have the ability to gain a large fanbase and reach a reputation of other popular blockchain games.

Sphere has significance for the Bitcoin Cash community, since it is not just a quality NFT series but also sets the gaming use case as well.

It was a very interesting implementation of gaming and NFTs on SLP and the token of the project, ORB, has now migrated to SmartBCH. We have to expect more interesting developments.

Read more:

The Sphere Metaverse on SmartBCH & SLP - What's Released? What's Coming?

Upcoming collections:

  • Cash Cats


Expecting this particular NFT collection to cause a frenzy and I am hoping it will have low number of mints and offer unique cat NFTs with different rarity levels.

The developer of CashCats (Fuego) is also involved with the development of OASIS marketplace.

SmartBCH NFT Marketplaces

There is one NFT platform offering trade of SmartBCH NFTs and there are some that listed NFTs there, even at still relatively low prices. offers a website to list or buy Puffers if you missed the mint. (link)


Under Development



It will be soon active and probably will enjoy immediate high traffic from the SmartBCH fanbase. According to the team, it is a matter of weeks before Oasis is officially released. Exciting news for the SmartBCH NFTs as we will have a modern marketplace focused completely on SmartBCH projects.

Team behind Oasis:

- Jay (Creator of SmartScan)

- Tijn (Professional graphic designer)

- Fuego (Creator of CashCats)

Read more about Oasis on this announcement at

Introducing OASIS: A fully decentralized NFT Exchange on SmartBCH

We are all waiting for this one with high expectations.


We have been expecting news for a while from It is under development by the same developer of website but we don't have a lot of news on its development.

In Conclusion

While in the beginning many of us cannot find the purpose of NFTs, eventually the concept is so vast that we can’t ignore it for too long. There is an NFT bubble, but not on the total market. Some NFTs have been intentionally inflated into unrealistic valuations, and there are some reasons this happened.

In case I missed an NFT collection, please comment and help me notice. I will cover it in a later article. The sentiment is very positive for SmartBCH today and no matter the deliberate lack of attention by the mainstream cryptocurrency news sites (Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, etc.) the cryptocurrency community and investors will not miss this opportunity.

SmartBCH is close to becoming a “hot” platform for NFT creators. Many are already watching and volumes are rising.

With low fees and fast speed, the SmartBCH network offers the best possible for NFT creators. Devs are building the infrastructure and soon will be ready to announce secure NFT marketplaces.

We can only hope for a bright future in the SmartBCH NFT field with all these early developments.


Lead Image from: Pexels (modified)

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If you have previously used SmartBCH and made a transaction, open this link and connect your SmartBCH Metamask account:

You will find a gift from Wang Kui (of 500 $CATS and 2 EBEN) waiting for you!

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Written by   903
3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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Hi Pantera I am just new here this is my first article to read on I am trying to understand from where I start my journey on readcash. What should be my first post on read cash. I want that you guide me about it. I have heard many things about readcash and bitcoin. By the way the terms used above are interesting as I am reading first time about these terms. I am just familiar with BCH .

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2 months ago

Law punks NFTs are quite low in range. But metaverse NFT is over the moon. How much NFTs you've collected in your wallet?
I've collected 24NFTs in my platform. Because of ram problem i couldn’t receive or send my NFTs to others. can you help me with that?

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3 months ago

This is not about WAX. SmartBCH is a different chain. You got it wrong.

Anyway, If you don't have RAM then you should buy WAX and transfer it to your wallet to cover for the fees system of WAX.

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3 months ago

Yeah yeah i'm aware of SmartBCH NFTs.

Wallet fees is about more than 5 dollar. 30 wax fees per transaction in kucoin., which is approximately 9 dollar. This is huge for one transaction.
Huboi global not supported, i dunno why.
Bittrex also has high fees in every transaction.

There's no place to go 🙂🙂 Thanks for your concern mate🖤

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3 months ago

Thanks. Fees are an issue with other blockchains but not with Bitcoin cash. I understand your frustrations though.

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