The Angry Mob of BTC maximalists

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1 year ago

I am not the most qualified person to discuss this since I wasn't active in the crypto field during the blocksize debate.

Yet, I've studied the topic of block size "wars" a lot, and it has only increased my understanding of the conditions the Bitcoin community had to face since a long time before I joined the "Cryptoverse". I can only slightly feel the arguments and reason the early Bitcoiners, yet, it was all predetermined by the central command of Blockstream and it is easy to figure out after connecting all the dots.

Back in 2017, those of us that had joined, we discovered the hard way, that BTC narratives had been misleading. By the end of the year, we understood that probably the bigger blocks side wasn't just a scam to fork Bitcoin and make more money as the BTC evangelists of the era were suggesting.

My experience since mid-2017 gave me a sense of disgust by what I found from most of the BTC community, especially in bitcointalk, but also in Reddit, YouTube, and every social media. Probably this mob is the same individuals with dozen different usernames and multiple accounts, yet it is enough toxicity to counter, especially when they are backed by admins censoring content they don't see fitting the main narrative.

This fanaticism and intolerance of even asking questions is described in this Tweet above by computers scientist Muneeb Ali as "an angry mob of Bitcoin maximalists".

The Angry Mob of Maximalists

A fish rots from the head down.

I'm not going before 2017, since this was the time I have my first real experience with cryptocurrencies.

Since the first days, I was instantly met with all those commentators, thinking they had it all figured out, and calling everything a scam, except BTC.

The same mob was confused since most were explaining Bitcoin was still able to sustain currency features with 1MB block size, while it became obvious on various occasions that fees were detrimental to the currency function of BTC. The failure of Segwit was convincing enough, yet, it still didn't matter. The narrative would change again to an unrealistic "store of value" argument.

Maybe in 2017, this wasn't clear, yet in 2021 with the repeat of BTC fees reaching more than $50/transaction many started raising questions.

The loud voice of the BTC maximalists was always annoying. Each time anyone was claiming something beyond reason, and anyone confronted them, they had backing by ten or twenty more. It was a matter of winning every argument, no matter how aggressive or how mistaken they were. And this did not change all this time.

One day the narrative is BTC is not for everyone, yet the next one it is cheers and claims BTC is banking the unbanked. This is not an issue, though. What becomes dangerous is their approach against Bitcoin Cash all this time.

The Blockstream Mob

The BTC network was kept crippled intentionally and an angry mob was confronting anyone asking questions. I met the aggression of the BTC crowd on various occasions, even as a beginner, when asking simple questions.

These folks don't like questions, and they always turn to "ad hominem" since they have no arguments. This is how their troll masters behave, and they only follow in their footsteps.

The root of this toxicity that created a mob of aggressive and juvenile BTC bag holders starts from bitcointalk.

Theymos, Gregory Maxwell, and dozens more Blockstream personnel will do anything in their power to offend and provoke anyone asking questions or trying to push innovation.

The religious devotion of this group and the cultish behavior is the core of the BTC maximalists agenda. Shout louder than the rest is the strategy of this group. There is no ethos, and no arguments, this is just denial, provocations, and ad-hominem. Personal attacks when the subject gets hot, to avoid answering. Marking with red flags members of Bitcoin Cash and accusing as scammers even certain individuals that worked for Bitcoin as developers, just because they didn’t follow their mindset to destroy BTC as means of exchange.

In Conclusion: Arrogance and Ignorance

Toxicity usually translates to incompetence. Censorship is even worse, though. Perhaps Muneeb will one day meet the worst side of the BTC mob.

The aggression is constant, and the confusion and invalid arguments exceed any logic.


This BTC maximalist got many responses explaining where he was wrong yet, I doubt "grublés" ever understood Bitcoin or anything related to technology.

The Windows 98 profile image, fits the BTC maximalist narrative.

Probably never updated to a better OS.

Probably will never upgrade to a better Bitcoin.

Lead Image: Unsplash

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1 year ago


Thankful.... Very informative article abouts the bitcoin.... Peoples who have no knowledge there dislike the bitcoin cash.... I respects those who love bitcoins

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1 year ago

They are wasting their time hating on Bitcoin cash. When the time is right, we will experience the great pump sooner or later. Nice article though

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1 year ago

I have witnessed the 2017 days before the August fork. I have met many people that had a brain and even more without any. Somehow evereyone that was in yhe rational side was supporting BCH back then. It was just bag holders and a bunch of Bitfinex traders supporting Blockstream.

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1 year ago

We can't observe any community developing which didn't work on feedback from users. Arrogance and ignorance are demerits of BTC Whales. Respect and applause for real Bitcoin that is love.

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1 year ago

The part of the BTC community today is just some unreasonable misguided bag holders. Although maybe they sold a lot at 60k and made their targets after succeeding in misleading the public. One wonders why for example this guy I mentioned still calls Bitcoin Cash bcash. This just explains how most of them were just low life trolls that don't deserve a place in a seriius community but in a circus like BTC instead.

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1 year ago

BTC has many persons like him. We kinda should handle them with tolerance because we belongs to real bitcoin that has good ethics.

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1 year ago