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SmartBCH: The Present and the Future - BCH Network Discussions

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3 weeks ago (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)

Bitcoin Cash Network Discussions is frequently live streaming discussions related to important Bitcoin Cash developments.

The hot topic for a few months in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is SmartBCH, the sidechain on top of Bitcoin Cash, that opened the smart contract field.

SmartBCH enables the creation of DeFi, Dapps, and NFTs on top of the robust Bitcoin Cash network, offering efficiency in a secure and decentralized environment.

Smart contracts, as presented with Defi, produced high efficient decentralized financial networks with automated procedures and advanced mechanics. Flash loans, high yields, and the ease of adding liquidity created immediate interest even within the banking sector.

SmartBCH makes now smart contracts available within a Bitcoin Cash sidechain, “maximizing throughput of EVM & Web3”.

An important discussion on SmartBCH

The Bitcoin Cash Network Discussions website contains all the information about this live streaming.


John Moriarty will be the host for this conversation, having as guests some huge names in the field, working and developing within the SmartBCH network.


@CheapLightning (Noise.Cash: CheapLightning) will also be moderating the chat and helping with the procedure.



  • Kui Wang, Lead Developer smartBCH

  • Josh Ellithorpe (zquestz), Staff Software Engineer Coinbase, SmartMask

  • Fernando Pelliccioni (Fernando), Knuth, Bitcoin Cash Node, Kth Token

  • Ian Blas, BCH Argentina, ARG Token

  • Joey Wong, Creator of The Sphere, ORB Token

  • Mark Lamb, CEO CoinFLEX, FLEX Tokens


These are top names in the Bitcoin Cash community all involved today with SmartBCH. A discussion between all these community members that are actively promoting Bitcoin Cash and building the future of financial networks will certainly be interesting.

Follow Bitcoin Cash Network Discussions on YouTube and also press the notification button, since the live discussion will be on October 1st (in three days).

Bitcoin Cash Network Discussions will stream live the meeting on this YouTube link. As usual, the Bitcoin Cash Network Discussion live streaming is offering Q&A, and questions by viewers will be directed to the guests for an elaborate response.

I think that from this discussion we will come out with better knowledge of current and future developments since SmartBCH is still in a very young stage and many are watching for news and developments.

In Conclusion

I cover the SmartBCH topic quite often as I find it to be a potentially disruptive technology that could attract developers and investors from other networks. Previous topic:SmartBCH: What is this about and why we should care?

I've also published two tutorials for beginners to set up Metamask and connect to the SmartBCH network:

New developments like SmartBCH are inspiring confidence and treated with careful consideration by the wider cryptocurrency community. SmartBCH could become the reason for the interest in Bitcoin Cash to increase significantly as it has only recently started receiving attention.

SmartBCH is bringing smart contracts to Bitcoin Cash without the use of a native token. It instead uses a tokenized version of BCH, thus if investors find SmartBCH to be interesting and have potential, it is Bitcoin Cash they should invest in.

Follow Bitcoin Cash Network Discussions:

and remember to tune in the SmartBCH discussion on October 1st!

[Edit]: The discussion was postponed, there will be an announcement on a new date and time.


Lead Image from: Unsplash, by John Schnobrich (modified)

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Written by   665
3 weeks ago (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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