Profit With SmartBCH NFTs And Ignore Fiat Enthusiasts!

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NFTs are digital proof of ownership with the use of cryptographic signatures.

NFTs is code and may contain a link to an image hosted, an audio file, a digital asset. It doesn't have to be a jpg on a decentralized cloud-like IPFS. NFTs have a vast application into various fields identifying ownership.

Trading NFTs is simply an exchange of ownership rights.

Everyone can be misled but not realizing the vast potential of the NFT field can happen when following certain individuals without questioning their motives.

The negative remarks, seem to be allocated just on the trading factor of NFTs while striving to make a reasonable point.

Is Trading An Issue Now?

Accussion on trading NFTs are rather suspicious and strange. This approach was always an easy way out to discredit the crypto field often made by supposedly crypto sceptics that sometimes were trading themselves.

Accusing trading is similar to accusing any other market of speculation. But this is the main point anyway. Price discovery. Is perhaps the valuation of some NFTs too much, for the current standards? I don't know.

The fact that Christie's is auctioning NFTs should bear importance before accusations are thrown randomly and mindlessly.

There can be hype, but not every NFT is a profitable trade. Some, like those on the Wax platform, are selling mostly for pennies.

One reason I didn't invest in Bitcoin in 2013 was these Cassandra's, but at that point, it was the mainstream media and not crypto-related individuals.

NFTs is code, it is an algorithm that tokenizes and gives absolute control of what this code contains. You can't duplicate this code since it is only accessible with your private key. This is power, NFT is basically a tokenized version of a digital asset but recently extended to real-life applications as well.

Proof of ownership without having to rely on government institutions.

Sadly, quite a few people in the cryptocurrency field don't quite understand the importance of this technology and would rather try to ridicule them as jpegs, as an excuse.

Anyone that wants to research further can discover why NFTs can apply to a vast array of fields and reduce or eliminate bureaucracy and inefficiency.

Emotions and Personal Preferences Don't Match With Investing Strategies

Every investor has a bad investment in their portfolio.

It is natural nobody is 100% correct. Some investments will not bring results. Other investments will deliver more than what was expected, and some will fail and we will have to write them off.

Investing is about trying to get a glimpse into the future, predict new trends, decide if there is enough vision and potential.

Investing emotionally is a mistake.

NFT trading is profitable and we should expect even better for the future.

Probably no-coiners shouldn't feel entitled to make such claims against NFTs but still this is an opinion of those completely in disregard of NFT potential.

In Conclusion: NFT Trading Has Better Odds Than Gambling

Calling NFTs "gambling" means there is a lack of understanding in both NFTs and gambling.

From a profitable ex-poker player's perspective, you are wrong.

Gambling usually has terrible odds, with the vast majority of gamblers losing money. Can't resemble NFT trading with losing money, though, but it is quite the opposite.

Even if we lower ourselves to the level of simplifying investing and call it gambling, for NFTs it is a +EV gamble (positive expected value):

EV = (%W * $W) – (%L * $L)

If NFTs are gambling, then we are betting with great odds.

The correct approach is to allocate a small percentage of your crypto portfolio into NFTs and mute the noise from misleading no-coiners dollar-enthusiasts, especially when these are individuals working in the crypto industry.

They hold no crypto at all, why listen to no-coiners anyway?

There is a risk of course, as nothing is guaranteed. Any NFT collection can fail, and interest could be lost even in some of the most popular today. This is the correct message to send but politeness and professionalism seem are scarce qualities lately.

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1 year ago


Nothing all guaranteed, this is now the trend you must take the risk of what youre decision is. Good thing if you have done the right thing amd you are lucky enought to adjust. Its a matter of risking your desicion into brighter future.

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1 year ago

NFTs are depends on luck I have more than ten NFTs but the problem is I can't sell with the floor price

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1 year ago

Yes, it depends the collection and the interest shown in it. Did you buy these NFTs or where they simply handed out in some airdrop? Which collections do you hold? I have bought in almost all collections and there are some that don't move at all. However, in total I made a profit of 40BCH from smartBCH NFTs. Some collections can take time before they find interest, others will just never find any. And some more will begin dumping, since probably it was the creators that bought plenty to create fake volumes, and also list these NFTs for half price on the market. These will definitely fail.

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1 year ago

Bro iam creating NFT but currently no one buying my NFT.

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1 year ago

@Pantera, you are really an authority in this subject. Following you has been a wonderful experience.

Thank you, and keep educating me.

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1 year ago

NFTs are luck. I'm holding over ten NFTs but the problem is i couldn't sell with floor price

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1 year ago

No doubt it's risky to invest in anything because no one knows what's coming If we talk about NFT's I only know about Arachnid nfts that I got in a airdrop and I don't know what's it's future but hoping for best

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1 year ago

Yes, this is about NFTs, not airdrops though. The NFTs that have airdrops are rarely the ones I follow.

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1 year ago