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Investors are eyeing Bitcoin Cash

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3 weeks ago

Wait for it! This is a hodl game and the price of Bitcoin Cash is getting ready to pass the psychological level of $1,000 very soon. It is only lately that Bitcoin Cash is being noticed by investors during this bull run, and there is a great feeling in the atmosphere.

Bitcoin Cash today is above $900 and the chart is very bullish. Most of us have been telling for a month now, what a great opportunity Bitcoin Cash is, when prices were at $400 levels and how important was for investors to allocate part of the portfolio in Bitcoin Cash.

I am telling the same again. The charts I use are not some TA that is just some lines drawn randomly that mean nothing. The Bitcoin Cash blockchain is proven to be working as we were saying for years, while the BTC community just resorted to disinformation and propaganda campaigns against us. For this reason, Bitcoin Cash was kept in the shadows for too long, but it only required a few top personalities to prove that Bitcoin Cash is working.

Marc De Mesel, Roger Ver, Kim Dotcom, and many more famous supporters of Bitcoin Cash have done a lot to spread the message and challenge the abuse and hatred spread by the BTC community and maximalism.

Marc De Mesel with his donations to has proven that Bitcoin Cash is working perfectly. It was a very insightful promotion that increased adoption. with the numerous microtransactions has given absolute proof of a robust Bitcoin Cash network that can scale and meet the demand for fast and cheap transactions.

We have proven that Bitcoin Cash works better than Bitcoin and proven that it is scaling better than Bitcoin.

Video capture from: TxStreet

This illustration between the two networks proves that Bitcoin Cash is a better Bitcoin, a better solution for digital cash, and an investment opportunity. A network focused on adoption and usage and not just adoption for a price increase.

The price of Bitcoin Cash is still undervalued and will be until it becomes the most valued cryptocurrency in market cap terms.

The above video is a perfect description of why we choose Bitcoin Cash. However, an older argument of the BTC maximalism side was that nobody was using Bitcoin Cash, and the number of transactions was just a fraction of those in the Bitcoin network.

Not anymore!

Source: BitInfoCharts

For months now the Bitcoin Cash network is outperforming Bitcoin in terms of the daily total number of transactions. Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin Cash is proving its worth.

  • Fast transactions: Virtually instant between non-custodial wallets

  • Low fees: Practically feeless transactions

  • Accepted as payment: An fast-expanding network of merchants adopting BCH

  • Development: DeFi, NFTs, Bitcoin Improvement Proposals

Source: CoinDance

Many arguments support the notion Bitcoin Cash is still extremely undervalued. I will soon exit some altcoins like ETH I am holding and reach 90% in Bitcoin Cash for my portfolio. This is not a recommendation, just something I am willing to do personally and breaks my rules of investing, however, I am this much positive about Bitcoin Cash chances.

Go Bulls!

Bitcoin Cash is getting ready to return to its all-time high four-figure prices. A new ATH is quite possible with the current market, as it is probably the only undervalued cryptocurrency that didn't perform as expected until lately. Bitcoin Cash was a waiting game for all of us that believed it, and it is now a hodl. Not going to trade temporary tops and lows, just hodl as demand for P2P electronic cash is increasing. It's going to skyrocket, because of massive adoption and use-case.

Lead Image from

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Written by   195
3 weeks ago
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One of the reason that I say Bitcoin BCH is Bitcoin is the fact that Bitcoin BCH works, and I have started to call Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin BCH because it is Bitcoin. And once the flipping is finally here we must make Bitcoin BTC rename to Bitcoin Core as well, and Bitcoin Cash should drop the Cash as well but the BTC ticker should be not used ever again as a reminder for future generations that some favors come with a high price. Core supporters are trying to sell out Bitcoin project to banks and the 1% because they think the 99% can't protect it from a government hostile attack. And when it comes to price over time it will be 1:1.

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3 weeks ago

BCH is our present and future.

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3 weeks ago

Seeing the $1000 price limit . It's gone! This is just the beginning.

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3 weeks ago

Watching the $1000 price limit ...........aaaaaaand it's gone! This is just the beginning. We may stay under the radar for the rest of the bullrun and hit bear again but I don't even care, the next bull is gonna be the definitive one.

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3 weeks ago

I think that people like myself are waking up to the fact that Btc has not become what it was made for I.E A P2P Cash for the people. Up until recently I had no time for Bch as I was caught up in the Btc tunnel vision - you can tell people who have tunnel vision, as they appear wearing laser eyes, this stops them from seeing clearly. So I think yes, investors are seeing that Bch is going up in price, while other people are seeing it now as the real Bitcoin. Either way is good, but adoption is the real driver when competing in the currency world. Go Bch!

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User's avatar jax
3 weeks ago

Either way is good, but adoption is the real driver when competing in the currency world.

That is exactly right.

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3 weeks ago

I was expecting to wake up tomorrow and see the price, but Bitcoin Cash delivered earlier!! Amazing bullish times!

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3 weeks ago