How Financial Hitmen Infiltrate Crypto And Obstruct Global Adoption

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Banks infiltrated Bitcoin since the first few years with evident motives.

The early Bitcoin community consisted of genius developers and brilliant entrepreneurs but inexperienced with how ruthless competition can be.

Anyone getting close to executive levels of banks can taste the venom in their words and smell the sulfur in the room.

Infiltrators live in every decentralized society acting against their values and the people that support the blockchains. They will slowly rise into prominent positions and reach a level of power, perhaps as admins in communication channels, or developers who will pursue to divert consensus following their ambitions.

They will exercise their power and discourage others from participating in these decentralized communities. They will also act in hostility toward the fanbase, making a genuine part of it feel unwelcome.

Yet, we can locate them with ease, as they will also promote scams that negatively influence communities, and undermine the common goals of the project.

The Next Stage Of The Crypto Takeover

The infiltrators proceed with a textbook plan similar to the Bitcoin takeover in any network or cryptocurrency community considered a threat.

They take control of forums, related websites, social media accounts, and communication channels, centralizing anything possible under their control.

Bitcoin (BCH) has already tasted this venom with the BSV fork and the hash wars, where a group of greedy individuals planned to destroy the Bitcoin that worked.

BSV was another takeover attempt on the working version of Bitcoin, although that one failed.

Those that lived similar situations firsthand understand it better.

Many cast their doubts and consider that it might be too extreme that banks ever wanted to control and suppress Bitcoin.

Well, no, this was it. This is how banks work. They would be foolish to allow Bitcoin untamed gaining adoption and mess with their business.

It does not stop by stalling Bitcoin with Blockstream, though.

The holier-than-thou bankocracy will not stop until it dissolves any last trace of competition to the plans to modernize fiat currencies.

CBDCs have to march uncontested.

The Hodl But Don't Use Mentality

Centralized servers are not the solution for money with a trusted authority in control.

Who would have thought a new form of internet money could be decentralized, permissionless, and borderless?

Satoshi had it all figured out.

Take the server from its trusted environment and spread the ledger to thousands of locations. Have initially everyone running the software and mining, with the best rewards for the first four years, and make it capped. Inflation would have killed internet money, but designed scarcity provides value as demand increases.

We could have been living today in a Bitcoin economy, working and getting paid in Bitcoin, paying with Bitcoin, and saving in Bitcoin.

Yet, the maximalists will claim:

"No!, You shouldn't use Bitcoin to pay for stuff. Are you an idiot? You want to be the next pizza guy?".

How would it matter if I had all my money in Bitcoin?

I will still pay for everything with Bitcoin instead of fiat and save in Bitcoin. Get paid in Bitcoin and pay in Bitcoin. This is an economy.

What maximalists suggest is a rather absurd concept that supports fiat currencies:

Maximalists suggest using only fiat and saving in Bitcoin, which contradicts Satoshi's intentions, limits Bitcoin's potential, and distorts its purpose.

The current inflationary system pushes consumers into excessive purchases, as many expect prices in fiat money to increase. The inflationary system destroyed the wealth of the population and increased poverty.

A fully developed Bitcoin economy was the logical next step that would empower and free people from the financial constraints of fiat.

In Conclusion

A long time ago, Hugo Chávez took the UN podium to deliver a historic speech.

The smell of sulfur today is everywhere in crypto.

The legacy banking establishment dominates the world, with the last chapter of enslavement to conclude with CBDCs.

When Goldman Sachs executives appear at the doorsteps of a revolution, you know trouble is coming.

When bankers grab a share, it becomes a dangerous place. Their plan is always to exploit for profit and destroy anything that doesn't align with their recipe.

They don't just appear out of nowhere but carefully execute their plans.

The deals they will offer are irresistible. Those deals were accepted and Bitcoin's exponential adoption halted and reversed.

The new devil is CBDCs, and only one way is there to protect our wealth and families from the march of the financial antichrist:

Permissionless and decentralized money networks that work for the people and not just a small elite.

This money is not Bitcoin-BTC.

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