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Want posts with 100,000 views (and more)?

Follow me on Xjoin Cashrain, and copy my strategy.

Cashrain is the perfect boost for accounts on X and various other platforms.

Especially for, it makes absolute sense to use Cashrain to attract thousands of new loyal and (real) followers. Furthermore, Cashrain is a great way to earn a few BCH sats (cryptocurrency) in your free time by just following accounts on social media and engaging with posts and comments.

The best part:

Today, boosting our socials can be achieved at a low cost, so take advantage of the opportunity while Cashrain is still flying under the radar.

Here's what you need to know about Cashrain.

Step By Step Instructions:

  • Download the wallet. ✔️

  • Signup at Cashrain (you can use my referral - I only get 10EXP) ✔️

  • Link your social and details ✔️

  • Create your community ✔️

  • You will need a small amount of Bitcoin Cash (in your wallet) ✔️

  • Create your first tasks on Cashrain ✔️

  • Start boosting your accounts with real people ✔️


* Note that a small minority of ISPs could be restricting access depending on location.

A VPN will circumvent these restrictions. I strongly advise using a VPN (like Mullvad which also accepts Bitcoin Cash) if this issue applies.

Don't Own Bitcoin Cash? Here's How To Buy Some:

Got no Bitcoin Cash and wondering where to buy some?

Bitcoin Cash is available in all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

A few notable ones:

  • Coinbase

  • Kraken

  • Bitstamp

  • Binance

  • Huobi

  • Bithumb

  • Upbit

  • bitFlyer

Btcoin Cash is an upgraded version of Bitcoin with low fees and instant transactions.

No Sign-Up Exchanges

P2P Exchanges

Here's a guide for Kraken Exchange:

After purchasing Bitcoin Cash, withdraw it to a non-custodial wallet.

The one that works with Cashrain is the wallet.

Wallets that work with Cashrain (currently):

Using Cashrain On X

My impressions on X over the last 28 days:

For accounts with low followers, you will notice that sometimes comments do astronomically better numbers than posts. This is logical since the OP of a top-tier account can reach millions of views, and many of these viewers will also want to read some of the comments as well.

Therefore, we want them to read our comments. It has to be a comment relevant to the original post and contain a link to one of our own posts.

Why do we want a link to our post? Because it shows in full display, if it is a video it plays the video, and the views are added to our posts.

So, this is the secret ingredient in this "trick".

The views from our replies are always added to the posts we link.

Get it? Good! Let's move on.

Each algorithm works differently. Going viral on X is almost impossible for any account with less than 100k followers.

Still, it is feasible to reach hundreds of thousands of impressions (views) on a post, by commenting, using a link to your post, and utilizing Cashrain to boost and improve your odds.

This is a list of my non-crypto videos and the most recent views-counter.

I've been experimenting with Cashrain for a while, and it appears to be working flawlessly to boost our content and increase reach.

These views come from boosting my posts, but also boosting comments containing links to my posts.

Reasons Why A Comment Does Not Achieve A High Number Of Views

I've been reposting these non-crypto videos as comments to relevant accounts I follow on The views on our comments will depend on several factors:

  • Views of the original post

  • Organic views on the original post from real people (several top accounts use bots to pump views, these bots don't read comments)

  • Comments need likes and retweets to reach the top of the comments section (where Cashrain is required)

  • Sometimes, nothing works, and our comments will only achieve low views. Compare with how other comments did in the same post, and keep experimenting. Sometimes all comments have low views.

  • Comments by Premium accounts (blue mark) will rank higher than the rest.

  • The original post received hundreds of comments from premium accounts.

For my experiment, I'm mostly using non-crypto material but, I've already started using more of my Bitcoin Cash and crypto videos.

I plan to pump my videos on X and push it to the maximum.

Here is my last video on X, which already reached 3000 views with a small Cashrain. For higher reach, I need to "advertise" it.


I now plan to boost this X post and reach 100k views.

It is possible to achieve this within a few days. 

The link is here, so we can check the numbers it receives within a couple of days.

Here's an example of posting links in comments that can reach high views:

That's 3000 views. I used a $0.10 Cashrain (that lasted 30 minutes) and got around 40 likes and retweets. This small boost is needed to improve views. The effect it has can vary, though.

While writing, the views already reached 10k on this video.

Posts Get Monetized, Comments Don't (for the time being)

Surely we can also get a high number of views on comments anyway, but this is rare, while with Cashrain we significantly increase our odds.

Example of a successful comment on X that reached 250k views without Cashrain:

This comment won't get monetized. It reached high numbers as I was fast (posted the comment immediately after the OP), and it was probably what everyone else was wondering about. They liked it (reached 330 likes) and responded.

Still, it doesn't get monetized. The views on our posts by blue (premium) accounts do, but not our comments right now (this can change).

My strategy can be yours too, but also know we need to keep increasing our views, followers, and posts' numbers.

Gain EXP and Level Up

When we begin we can only have one Cashrain active.

As we gain EXP and level up our community on Cashrain we can have multiple Cashrains active at the same time.

However, it takes effort to reach higher levels. In my case, I can have 3 Cashrains active at the same time, but I actually need more than that. The cost of leveling up will probably not be an issue for top accounts on X, so they could easily reach having up to 8 Cashrains actively running.

My strategy with Cashrain involves selecting a lower timeframe for each Cashrain and making new ones after the active ones expire. There is no daily limit on Cashrains.

Right now, we can use Cashrain for just pennies, so it is probably the best time to begin boosting your social media. The early bird eats the worm, but it also requires patience and persistence.

Some "tricks" can work again, so use anything you have discovered until it clearly stops working.

Weekly Update:

For X, we need an NGU (Number Go Up) strategy.

When numbers drop so will the revenue.

The higher the numbers, the better our chances.

Keep pushing and getting numbers higher.

Earning Bitcoin Cash With CashRain

An easy way for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to earn a few green sats and perhaps even get lucky and win a huge jackpot when top Cashrain accounts like Kim DotCom create new tasks.

Currently, hundreds of people participate and that is also real people who look for such opportunities to earn money and cryptocurrency online.

In Conclusion

Cashrain can be a useful tool for top influencers but also for every other account without many followers.

Real people interact with our accounts and boost our online presence.

The cost currently is low as even with $0.05 Cashrain (in Bitcoin Cash), a creator can boost their posts, videos, and accounts by 100x (and sometimes more).

Cashrain utilizes Bitcoin Cash for online payments. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a reliable cryptocurrency with low fees (lower than $0.01) and instant transactions, therefore, the best option for microtransactions and massive rains of cash!


  • BCH:

  • CashTokens: bitcoincash:zr4nz4jv6jtf7q5tul8dy9j58u24pwawxsm0hh8hwz

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Using cashrain really has a lot of advantage. We can earn, promote, learn and boost our social media. But sadly, there are some who doesn't use it well. I wonder too why there are some people who created their community but doesn't use it.

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