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Bitcoin Cash Will Deliver - Here's why

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2 weeks ago

Bitcoin Cash is one of the most discussed cryptocurrencies. Lately, it was Kim DotCom that embraced and endorsed the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Building on top of it, having abandoned Bitcoin and the second layer networks Lightning and Liquid that were problematic and not helping Kim's business.

With all things going on in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem right now, it is only a matter of time before interest will start rising.

Bitcoin Cash is developing and already many developers have chosen it to create decentralized applications that are going to change the financial system.

Institutional interest

Bitcoin Cash is available for institutional investors through these options:

  • Grayscale with the Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust (article)

  • 21 Shares with an ETP aiming for European institutions listed in the Frankfurt Exchange


Bitcoin Cash is available to use within services of big financial and commerce institutions and services:

Bitcoin Cash Merchants Network

Payment processors

POS (Point of sale) payment networks

The development is growing and Bitcoin Cash has already been the host of many different projects utilizing its powers:



Support for Stablecoins

  • Tether USDT (SLP implementation)

  • FlexUSD (yield farming stablecoin)

Social Networks


NFT - Digital Art





Bitcoin Cash is expanding and will soon be dominating. The developments over the last two years are explaining the robust growth in transactions and actual usage of the network by real people. Bitcoin Cash is enjoying organic adoption by real people and not just for speculation.

Development has been constant and the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is in the process to increase adoption and awareness with various websites and campaigns running.

Developing tools - Nodes

Most recent startups and under development websites utilizing Bitcoin Cash

  • Cash Bay (Digital Art marketplace and services)

  • (Video monetization platform)

I have probably missed or forgotten a hundred more websites created by Bitcoin Cash devs and enthusiasts. In the future, I will create a better list of BCH-related websites as I understand that not including many is unfair to them. I am sorry for that but I am very active in and I will review anything related to Bitcoin Cash that keeps developing and helping towards adoption.


The target is the same from the beginning. The whitepaper and all Satoshi emails and forum posts defined Bitcoin as P2P electronic cash. Bitcoin Cash is just following this and targets the $100 trillion money market which was the original plan.

Image Source: WhyBitcoinCash

Bitcoin Cash is a medium of exchange and this is the first step for currency to grow in value. With extremely low fees it sets an example for the microtransactions sector, for merchant and business adoption, and to become the preferred choice of money. It is fast, cheap to use and reliable means of payment and this is what we all expected to find in a cryptocurrency.

With the latest increase in interest in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash is the solution where other systems are failing. The rise of the Bitcoin Cash number of transactions this year is proof that Bitcoin Cash finally starts kicking off. The competitive advantages of Bitcoin Cash can bring it to a leading position in the industry.

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Written by   113
2 weeks ago
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Very much interesting..hope for the best..thank you

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1 week ago

Holy moly this is a comprehensive post. How much time did you take to write this?? Pantera you keep on delivering. Awesome work man, the community is lucky to have you! Keep up spreading the word and boosting the ecosystem. I'll help ya out :D Cheers

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1 week ago

Yeah, took me many hours. Thanks for the kind words and your help @CrytoMax. Bitcoin Cash deserves to grow and it will perform better in the market too. We all do our part to make this happen.

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1 week ago

I believe we just need the ability to scale for massive worldwide adoption and a BCH will go viral and fulfill the dream of Bitcoin. All that you discuss here is the infrastructure building to fulfill the desires of the people of the world, many desires they do not even know they have yet. It is exciting to live this moment in history.

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1 week ago

I signed up for Bitcoin, not BitGold. I was always expecting digital currencies and Bitcoin turned out it wasn't going to be one. Since the original inception was about commerce on the internet and a digital currency that was going to be decentralized, avoiding the reach of banks and third parties, it is only Bitcoin Cash that covers everything. We are not living in the middle ages and currencies need to be technologically advanced to succeed. Slow and costly transactions do not belong in the 21st century.

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1 week ago


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2 weeks ago

Very good

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2 weeks ago

Interesting your article, well I am glad to be getting the bitcoin cash cryptocurrency, which is what this platform promotes!

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2 weeks ago

Thanks for the interest and the comment, friend. Yes, is a platform that has most of the BCH community onboard, however this is not a requirement. I have seen so many members posting very interesting articles on many sections, and often I find myself reading topics I never found anywhere else.

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2 weeks ago