BCH Guru: NFTs on CashTokens Bitcoin Cash - Wave 2

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Prepare For The Next Wave!

With the CashTokens upgrade, Bitcoin Cash begins a new adventure into smart contracts and the Web3 domain.

With low fees, instant transactions, and smart contracts, Bitcoin Cash becomes Metaverse-ready!

The first few developments on CashTokens showcase the new capabilities of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

BCH Guru is a unique NFT collection and prediction game built on the Bitcoin Cash main chain.

The collection will sell 10,000 NFTs in 5 waves, with the first wave sold in 22 hours!

The first Guru was sold for 21BCH, while the trading volume on the TapSwap.cash marketplace is on the rise!

Take part in the next Guru waves:

  • Create a CashTokens address using:

    Paytaca Wallet

    Electron Cash, or 


    (these three wallets support CashTokens currently)

  • Use your Cashtokens receiving address on BCH Guru

  • Buy NFTs at nfts.bch.guru/purchase

  • You can pay with any Bitcoin Cash wallet.

  • Study your Gurus rarity and try to complete all collections!

  • Finally, trade Gurus at TapSwap.cash, the first Cashtokens NFT marketplace.

The floor price is double the mint price currently.

Read more about BCH Guru here:

BCH Guru links:

Other Links:

  • Cover picture on Pixabay (modified)

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