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1000x! How To Make A Million Dollars!

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Written by   670
3 months ago

A million dollars is for many of us the ultimate goal. It is life-changing money and possibly our early retirement.

Usually, whenever I come across titles like this one, I am prepared for an article containing very little value. But trust me this is the real deal. In this article I will explain the fast track concept to make $1,000,000 with just a $1,000 initial investment.

How we can achieve the impossible: A 1,000x ROI !

And to spice things up, I will make it even more difficult, as I am going to put a time limit. We are all going to make a million bucks by the end of the year!

Let’s face reality for once. We are all here to make money. There are edges and opportunities and usually, we miss all of them. We stick to our long-term investment plan and the fundamentals and excuse our ignorance not to hold those Doge and other shitcoins for a few more months and enjoy a huge profit. We sell at double and sell out of fear of prices dropping. But they don’t drop, they rise to tenfold and a hundredfold and we keep thinking about what could have been if we didn't sell too early.

Stacks of Cash

As with all my posts, I try to give what comes from experience, thoughts, and ideas after substantial research and I hope there will be at least entertainment value in this one.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming once in a while. Most of us made some good money already, sometimes we got to try something edgier.

Frankly, I am not sure I will be able to proceed with this plan if it starts well immediately. I will probably think about cashing out most of the profit way earlier before the target is met.

However, there is some kind of process that can help us reach there. It is not a perfect process but with enough conviction, luck, and a few right moves we can get there.

Danger! The Market is Volatile!

Usually, writers of similar articles begin with warnings about the volatility of this market and the possibility of losing our money.

No. I won’t write anything about that. We will enter with hopes of making one million, don't worry about the $1k, we are going all or nothing.

Better think of it as the $1,000 is already lost. It will help us with a better starting strategy. It is going to be a gamble anyway, but with a potential reward that justifies the effort. When we are in constant fear of losing our money, this target is not going to have any chance of succeeding. Odds are slim anyway, but the dream is real and history repeats itself, so we will have to make a few right moves and leave the rest to the bull market. Often we will need to be brisk, but only between changing gears and always after careful planning and consideration.

This is just a grand we are talking about. If this is money your family needs to survive then don’t gamble at all.

Tony G, Poker Pro

This is not a conventional investing approach. It is a challenge based on previous market conditions. This is also an article that I probably shouldn’t write since it goes against any reasonable investing advice and everything I support as a correct investing approach.

But there are times I enjoy gambling, especially when there are good implied odds and a possibility of extreme rewards.

Rags To Riches 

Let’s make a million then. This is not a real investment anyway, consider it a day at the casino with better odds and a better possible outcome. 

The plan has nothing to do with futures or derivative trading. There will not be any shorts or longs or leverage involved. 


This trade would require years, but we don’t have that much time left. We are about to witness the initiation of the final wave of this bull run.

If things go well and the market resumes its bullish trend, then we are in very good shape. But we don’t need to wait for confirmation of the bull trend, we begin right now.

The crypto market is on stand-by. There is nothing else right now to bring it down. It can only start rising again.

This is the precondition, though. BTC needs to resume the bullish trend. And seriously, there wasn’t much retail FOMO all this time. In 2017 it was a very different situation since everyone was talking about crypto. The live Youtube channels had 20k of “real” viewers by the end of that bull run.

The final wave is nothing like what has happened so far. Just wait and find out during this Autumn!

I’m expecting amazing things and those that haven’t lived a previous bull run will be very surprised. Stick to your coins and make that 1000x reality.

The positions we will be taking do not include major cryptocurrencies but only a few.

Most have a limited reward ratio right already. Cardano, Chainlink, Polkadot, BNB, can rise at a certain level from here. Maybe can make another 10x, but this will also be difficult.

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin can make 20x, same with ZcashMoneroTron, or even perhaps forgotten Dash. These will be always a priority too. Since their prices have not performed as many expected, it is very possible to reach 2 or 3 times their previous ATH.

Cardano is already x100, BTC is x10, ETH is x20 all in 12–16 months. I am not even touching them, even though they are also going higher, as we will be looking for explosive potential.

We are going to get that million from Uniswap tokens, BSC projects, NFT tokens, DeFi, and at the end of the bull run from anything that hasn't moved yet.

The Plan

Plan your move

We have an initial investment of $1,000 and we don’t know where to begin and what to buy.

You see now where the problem is? We are not thinking this through from the beginning.

We didn’t set any kind of plan and we have not yet completely realized the target.

We have to think big at this point, it is all or nothing for us.

It is one million or zero. We have to remember this and never forget this target. It is life-changing money and for most of us an early retirement.

  • We are looking to make 1000 times our initial investment.

  • We have 5 months left.

  • We have no plan yet!

There you go, the big mistake is that we didn’t plan at all. For most investors, the plan is to just buy a cryptocurrency that is hyped and pumping.

No, this is not what we will do, this is a miserable approach that will bring us just a small reward.

First of all, we don’t expect to make 1000x from one cryptocurrency alone. It will be a lottery anyway but we have to take better chances. I’ve split our strategy into three parts and presenting it below.

- Phase I: Make a 10x (1% of our Target)

Plan ahead - Source: Unsplash

We will have to plan accordingly and make a 10x in two months. This will be the most difficult part because right now the market is not rising as it previously did. We are at a stage of a consolidation period ending and a possible rapid accumulation to begin.

  • Market Research

  • Predicting the market niche that will explode next

  • Bet on "potential" before hype begins

It is all going to be relative but if the market continues the bull run until the end of the year, then we should be planning and making our bets right now.

Phase 1 target is 10 times our investment. To turn 1 grand into 10. Also, we will need to make this happen in 2–3 months' time.

We have to find a niche in this market that was hyped earlier but the market cap of the underlying assets was not heavily pumped yet.

And these are the NFT projects with native tokens. 

Coingecko - DeFi

I find it easier for these coins to make a 10x in about one month than any other category. Coingecko gives us a list of them and I see already a few that can reach to a 10x faster than anything else:

All these three networks are enjoying an increasing user base and have developed finished products.

NFTs: A revolutionary tech

I would recommend them as standard investments for phase I, both can make it to a 10x in a relatively small time. These three are also long-term investments for the quality of development, the fanbase, and the potential they represent to increase as networks in the following 2–5 years.

However, we are not investing but we are trying to make the greatest trade of our lifetime. I’m quite positive that when the market begins rising again NFTs will be once again in the forefront. 

But in the NFT market, there are also quite a few underrated gems that are can help us reach even x100 with ease.

Take a look at these opportunities:

And there are many more we can choose with huge potential that right now seem to be ready to go parabolic in a matter of days/weeks with some positive announcements.

The odds of coins related to NFTs to rise ten times in the next few months are great. NFTs are a part of the crypto market that hasn’t lost their appeal. Hundreds of artists are joining the schene each weak, new games appear and this market is expected to become huge in a few years. The NFT craze was followed by purchases of some artworks for millions of dollars which was a great advertisement, but it wasn’t just a fad that faded already.

Investors that wanted to find something similar to shares, were pumping Enjin as this was the only one they knew about. Next came Decentraland which reached 1B in market cap, but I also think that $MANA is one of the tokens that can make it to a 10x with ease.

- Phase II: Make the Second 10x (10% of our Target)

Expecting a Repeat of the Defi craze

It is mid-September or the beginning of October already and if we have managed the 10x already we are at a very good spot.

I’m hopeful that the market will begin rising at least until the end of August and the first coins that will explode will be the NFTs.

We are not going to sell everything, since the hype will last for months. But in case we made it so far (10x our investment), then we take out half of the profit and reinvest on either DeFi or Privacy coins next. 

We will still keep half in the projects we selected, unless perhaps the profit was already 100x, which is also a possibility. Then we should sell even more, perhaps 80–90%, since this will give us a lot more options to maneuver.

At this point, the market could be difficult to predict and there is a possibility that DeFi explodes first before the NFT projects.

I didn’t follow the logic, to begin with, DeFi though, as this is how it happened the previous time and I feel that while DeFi also has tremendous potential for the future, for the time being, developments and focus on NFTs is overshadowing DeFi.

The priority is to predict where hype will land next. Not to follow the hype. In case DeFi is already overvalued by that time, then we possibly missed that train and will have to move to other options.

To counter this we could have bought some DeFi already from Phase I, but this would have reduced a lot our chances of reaching the 1000x target.

If by the beginning of October, DeFi is already once again overhyped and overblown, we will move to "privacy coins" that can become the next hype train to ride. We always need to place our bets before the train leaves the station. ZCash and Monero will be the ones to look for. HorizenFiro (ex ZCoin), VergePirate Chain are some that right now come to mind.

We will invest in DeFi tokens too. It just needs some situations to become better and there will be many chances to make it. A Uniswap madness like the one from last summer can happen again. Tokens appearing and making 10–100x in no time is something that will be repeated. But it will also be a very dangerous sport. Due to rug pulls and constant scams the DeFi market could become very unstable and some of our investments can end to zero, even during a bull run.

Out of the DeFi projects, I am always looking forward to buying Maker, Compound, Balancer, and DIA. There are many more but DeFi is mostly not my subject. It should be considered though that DeFi will become a craze once again during this final wave.

Also, perhaps during this phase, we may witness some strange movements again, with too many meme coins appearing. It might be wise to enter asap, and if we are lucky we may find the next Shiba Inu or MoonSwap at a very early stage.

- Phase III (Finish the Game!)

At this time, the market will be full of short-term opportunities. It should be mid-December and we have just two or three weeks left or perhaps another more month. This is where the real parabola kicks in.

If we’ve managed to make $100k (100x), it could be a good idea to take some profit. According to our financial needs, we should be taking from 10%-50% out.

Although we ain’t gonna stop. Remember, our target is 1 million. We are not backing down now.

Maybe take 10–20% out if there is a definite need for that, but we are going to miss the party and the million dollars target if exit too early.

We are not there yet and we didn’t make it all this way here to stop when it is getting real. $100K will not change our lives either, and we will also have to pay taxes for this profit. We will need to make it to a cool mil to make it count.

If the bull run has returned that means $BTC at this point is ~$100k. And this is where the real party begins. I would expect a real altcoin season and dominance of BTC to drop down to 10–15% at the peak of this market cycle. And this is excellent news!

Everything will be pumping. 50–100% daily candles, coinmarketcap going crazy and about 500 million people will be watching and opening accounts on crypto exchanges. We will need to be ready to exit, but first, we have a target to reach.

Dead coins that are still trading in low exchanges will also pump. The market will enter a frenzy zone and this is where the big money will be made. This is phase III. Do you seriously want to get out right now?

A 10x at this point will be more difficult though and we might see coins pumping and we may be trying to get in but it will be too late. This is the catch at this point. We know there is not much time left and the market could crash at any point. This is decisions time indeed and frankly, if I reach there I am not sure I will have the guts to keep going.

We should however select coins for this final round. We don’t randomly invest but always after research. Quite often some projects have everything but investors may take their time. Marketing hype, announcements, and partnerships could take weeks to reach investors' ears during times of market frenzy.

There are times when we invest correctly and still we see no progress for a long time. At this point, it will only need two weeks maximum for the coin to succeed. It is also dangerous since we know the end is approaching. Should we wait, should we stop? 

Perhaps Ethereum, XRP, BNB, BCH, or another coin will even go for the flippening during this phase. I am certain that if any crypto-asset initiates a flippening attempt, then this time it will succeed and it would be great riding this wave.

Anything with great potential should completely decouple from BTC price movement at that point. I would expect Bitcoin Cash to reach a higher place in the top ten since it has proven it has a growing community ($5–15K price). Same with Cardano but at a lower pace. Other traditional coins like LitecoinZCash, and Monero will also break their previous ATH, and if they still haven’t they should be our first choice.


The market caps at this point will have no meaning, everything will be extremely overvalued and one thing markets can do is they can become completely irrational for a very long time. This is what we are betting on, all this time.

It is very early to give any recommendations on what the plan will exactly be in phase III. We have to observe the market constantly and try to make bets on coins that did not pump for a few weeks while this party is raging. Holding those even at a small loss for the remaining weeks, since they will eventually follow.

At this stage, the prices will be rising parabolic for each currency, mostly because whales will be selecting them one by one. We can’t predict, but we can avoid those that we were too late to buy. News and announcements of major partnerships will be coming by all projects ten times faster than previously, and we will have to be fast when we spot an opportunity.

Investors will be flooding the market with billions of dollars and they will be entering projects that are obscure and without any potential. I would suggest avoiding these unless we spot them too early and exit at the right time.

Shiba Inu

Take for example the Shiba Inu token, some have heard about it very early, while most (dumb money) were just buying it at the very top after it was already done for. Something similar happened with Doge. We will not be following the hype but again try to predict where exactly the next hype will be.

It needs luck at this point though, and patience to keep holding the 5–10 cryptocurrencies we selected without looking to missed opportunities.

You shut your ears and just follow your trades until it makes it. At this time the diversification should be at about 10-15 assets. If you can handle 20 it would be better, however, this also needs management skills, charts with live feeds, excel spreadsheets, and time to organize everything. You will need to be ready for that.

Also setting sell-orders (if possible make it hidden) at a selected price would help with time management. When we sell in previous cycles we reinvest in another opportunity. During the final cycle though, it should be in cash.

But the final phase is also one that can make us lose all our profit. Keep this in mind, as I remember many in 2018 having lost all their profit from that bull run, as they kept reinvesting.

Plan B:

If this goes completely wrong, then we’ve lost just $1k. Depending on how much we can afford to lose, we can raise the stakes, but I don't recommend too much. This is just a gamble that will make us heroes if succeed.

Was it worth it? 

I think that if we researched this market thoroughly and the coins we invested are including features that could make them successful then the outcome can only be positive in the long run. It will be very difficult to completely lose the $1k invested.

It will require us to buy the top of a parabolic trend and hold our assets down to 99% from ATH. It would be difficult to make such a mistake after having conducted proper research.

If we invest in projects that are not fake/scams or overhyped memes, and we invest early and not right at the top of a bubble, then we are not going to lose our money. Perhaps switch this investment into a long-term one that could bring profits later.

Plan B comes when Phase I or Phase II does not complete on time. In this case, I advise just minor changes to the tactic and stick to the trade until lower targets are met.

  • In case after a long period (3–4 months) we are in loss then the game is over. And possibly the whole market will be bearish for another year or so.

  • In the case by December we are just 10x and still sitting on the same investments we did when we started, then minor changes should apply, but only on good opportunities. We will not follow any hype at all during this journey and we will have to take some profit, perhaps 50%, just to make it count.

  • Do not exit the trades completely. Each coin can have huge upside potential that we may miss. In the beginning, in case a 10x happens for one of the coins, there will always be a possibility for another 10x. Market cap doesn’t mean there is some kind of limit to the price.

  • In any case, we will be dealing with coins we have done research on and expect to be hyped. After the hype ends, or after a strong parabolic rise, there is a certainty that prices will start dropping again. We shouldn't sell all, but if we are nowhere near meeting the million-dollar target, better take profits reasonably.

Thanks for Reading!

Even in the rare case, I will reach anywhere near that target, I’m not so sure I can manage and not cash out early. It will need a lot of discipline and commitment to make it to this target.

Most of us will be unable to control our feelings in case the numbers start rising higher but this is where we always lose. We already lose when we worry about losses immediately after investing or gambling like in this example.

30% corrections are always happening during bull runs. During these 5 months, I expect we will witness at least two more. But I don’t suggest selling and expecting a correction to rebuy lower. We will always be invested in Crypto until we reach close to the target.

We have to consider this to be a game and not real money. The end game is only when the target is reached and the final boss is defeated. This approach could help us bypass a lot of emotional restrictions that will be obstacles in our way.

Feel free to downvote, if you found my article useless, I will accept any kind of comments and criticism. This post was against most proper investing methods I'm usually discussing and probably closer to degenerate gambling!



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Written by   670
3 months ago
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I haven't even reached the million dollar peso mark yet, much less a million dollars. Lol. At least those are things to consider. Been planning on making an NFT but still haven't done so yet. Perhaps I will just invest on their coins. hahaha.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I do NOT have that kind of money, but of course I would like to invest and earn it.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Your strategy is interesting, of course not everyone around here can afford to bet $ 1K, or have the skills to get into a strategy of this type considering the movement of so many assets at the same time. But I like your idea of ​​the All in because if one of them really bursts, the market will go up so much that it will make you reach the objective quickly, even with losses in the others.

I don't agree much with you on the potentiality of currencies like LTC, Zcash, or the "forgotten" Dash to name a few. I'm a Dash user, but because it's the cryptocurrency that solves many of my crypto transactions in Venezuela when I want to pay something in cryptocurrencies. It's fast, instant with Instasend, very low fees, and accepted in many places. I wish that was the case with BCH, although there is the potential, it has a long way to go to be accepted in as many places as Dash here. However, I would not bet on any of the ones I mentioned before will exceeding their ATH in the future not at least in the short or medium term. If I had the 1K to bet they would be out of my plan.

I look forward to reading some of the results of your strategy in the future. And good luck!

$ 0.00
3 months ago

What a kinda risky plan, but I still wanna see how it goes! I don't have that amount yet, but I want to see how it goes with you. :D

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Very impressive 👍

$ 0.00
3 months ago

It's an all-or-nothing endeavor and would be really interesting to see how it goes especially that you have set the target achievement date :)

Also wondering if you will be posting your progress here? I'm tempted to go for it but in a much smaller amount :D

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Yes. Of course, when I'm ready. I still haven't filled many of the positions I wanted to. I've given some examples, like MANA and WAX which can rise a lot after 2-3 months. There are more though, but I'm starting with those that are considered NFT-related. Hadn't thought about that, but I could write more about the progress. Maybe I should buy immediately starting these days.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Awesome! It's a risk but may be very well worth it. All the best!

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Another strategy I learned (from a Chinese Investor)

Start now even small - Investing doesn't actually require big amount of money, what is more important is TIME and CONSISTENCY

Investing $10 monthly is better than investing all $120 in a year because it has lower possibility of losing big amount of money

The bigger amount the bigger the RISK

Reason why most Chinese are successful on business because they are not thinking about BIG income, they are thinking of small but CONSISTENT income

$ 0.00
3 months ago

i really like the strategic plan for you to be a successful always take a risk everytime without hesitation be brave always for you to win every challenges comes.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

One must have to be very careful with some of these investments right now because the market is kind of shaky, but I believe that if the process you outlined is followed, one can get the deserved reward...

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Really good strategic plan. I like the "all-in" concept because no great wins will come without risk taking

$ 0.06
3 months ago

It's all or nothing. And I still haven't finished buying the first phase. It is just 1k with high risk and re-investing without any profit taking.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I was about 50x after a year, before the May crash. Still good now with 20x and a well set machine that brings residual income

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Invest in shit coin in the early stage.. one of the ideas 😉

$ 0.01
3 months ago

Not very professional approach :D

$ 0.00
3 months ago

A greedy approach 🤣

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Yes, this is about being greedy. With 1k to make it 1000 times more.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I always remind myself to keep hodling some of my earnings but I always end up converting and then earn again and keep converting. Times are hard :D

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Yes, for many it is difficult to invest $1k. I understand that.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I'll keep trying still though :)

$ 0.00
3 months ago