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Twisted Tale

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2 months ago

The woman sipped from her cup as she surveyed her garden. She had to admit, it really was beautiful and she took a certain amount of pride in making sure it stayed that way. The roses were by far her favorite though the hedges were lovely as well.

They were excellent for providing her with shelter from prying eyes. There was a small caterpillar perched on a leaf, gently swaying in the breeze. She frowned as she saw the small holes on said leaf from the caterpillar eating it and with a casual flick she sent it flying somewhere into the grass. She idly hoped a bird would find it for it's lunch.

Despite the unpleasant insect, she was in high spirits. It was a beautiful day. Not too hot and not too cold with a pleasant breeze that lightly blew through her dark hair.

Unfortunately her good mood was quickly soured when she saw a rabbit nibbling on her roses. She signaled to one of the gardeners who scrambled across the garden to go after it but it was too fast for him and ran away before he could reach it.

'Foul creature.' She whispered to herself as she took another sip of her bitter tea.

It was the same rabbit that had been bothering her for the past two years. Everyday it came into her garden and chewed on her beautiful flowers.

She knew it was the same one because it had a dark patch on it's back that stood out in it's otherwise snowy white fur.

She finished her tea while daydreaming about all the ways to be rid of the bothersome beast when her thoughts were interrupted.

'Miss? Your tailor is here to see you.' Message delivered, he bowed and ran back into the house before she could let out a response. Just as well. She was still annoyed at him over the sugar incident yesterday.

She made no move to get up. He knew well enough that visitors were to be brought to her, not the other way around.

As expected, a minute later the tall man sauntered into the garden taking care to stay on the stones that made a pathway to where she was seated. He knew how much she hated people leaving footprints in her pristine grass.

He gave her a small bow and used his free hand to sweep his hat off while the other one held a rather large garment bag. At the sight of the bag she placed her tea cup on the table and clapped with excitement. 'Is that my dress?' She was practically bouncing as she stood up and grabbed it from his hand, not waiting for an answer.

She undid the zipper and gasped at the black and red taffeta that spilled out of it. 'I must try this on immediately!'

Standing in her large bedroom she examined herself in the mirror. The dress was stunning. Black and red with a full flowing skirt and small heart accents at the waist and bust. It was exactly as she had imagined it when she'd gone to him with her order.

A few minutes later she came back out to find her tailor petting a small dark cat who was rolling around on the ground happy at all the attention. When the man saw her he abruptly stood.

'Apologies. Is he yours?'

She scooped the cat up and began stroking his soft fur. 'No. I'm not sure he belongs to anyone really. He comes and goes as he pleases. He is quite beautiful, isn't he?'

The cat stared at him as though waiting for an answer. 'Yes he is.'

The feline raised his head and began to purr seemingly pleased with the answer before hopping off her lap and wandering away.

'The dress is stunning. You've outdone yourself. As always.'

'Thank you madam.'

'Do you like them?' She asked referring to the dark red blooms he seemed to be admiring.

He nodded. 'They are exquisite.'

'It took ages to get the proper red but I'm quite glad I didn't give up. Now, about the dress, there is one thing...' She let her sentence hang in the air.

He froze, horror evident in his eyes. To the casual passerby she would seem like an ordinary, though perhaps eccentric woman but he knew different. She was dangerous when she was angry and she could lash out with no warning.

He absentmindedly touched the small scar on his cheek from where he had been cut by one of her cups when she had been displeased with his work.

She did not see his movement however, her eyes having been drawn to a mouse that was running across her lawn.

'Madam?' Every instinct he had was telling him to run but he couldn't. Her orders were the only thing keeping his little shop afloat these days and he needed to make a living, didn't he?

'Oh do relax.' She said with a careless wave of her hand. 'I was simply going to ask you to make me a headpiece to go with it.'

His entire body relaxed with relief. 'Of course. I shall go start this very minute!'

Tucking the envelope full of cash he had been given for the dress he ran towards the fence leading out of the garden. At a sound from behind him, he turned around only to be met with the cat, proud as punch dragging a white rabbit in it's mouth towards the small seating area.

The last thing he saw was Alice praising the cat loudly for it's catch.

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Written by   44
2 months ago
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The stray cat eventually saves the day. A good read

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2 months ago