Why Bitcoin Cash? Because it works since 2009

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Why do I like Bitcoin Cash? Because it works since 2009! It may not be the most trending cryptocurrency but BCH is efficient by design! The low fees and fast transactions make BCH as the perfect peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, a solution that can be used for everyday normal transactions. 

While BTC has became a store of value instead of a currency, Bitcoin Cash continued Satoshi's dream and an ongoing journey towards the promised decentralization. The number of business adopting Bitcoin Cash as payment solution is constantly growing, and I am happy to see so many places in Romania where I can spend BCH.

The BCH adoption is going world-wide, and you can have some cocktails in Ibiza and pay with crypto. The future is on the blockchain and even if I am crypto-agnostic... Bitcoin Cash is the smartest choice when is come to easy to use money.

What's the way forward for BCH? Bitcoin Cash needs even more adoptions and to raise more awareness. The Cryptoverse must understand the unique attributes and properties of Bitcoin Cash. I listen to the #BitcoinCash Twitter Space where Roger Ver and other BCH evangelists shared their plan and all I can say is that great things will happen.

It's all about the mindet and long term plans. I invested in many cryptocurrencies, I have many different ones in my portfolio, and each of them serves a plan. But Bitcoin Cash is unique and has the potential to become the most important cryptocurrency in my portfolio. It has a 21,000,000 total token supply and is better then Bitcoin at most of the attributes.

Bitcoin Cash is better money for the world as the request for fast, borderless, cheap transactions is growing. The BTC transaction fees are volatile, going between $5 and $50, making it impractical for casual spending and micro-transactions... while we can buy coffee with Bitcoin Cash and pay less then few cents for the transaction.

The number of users using Bitcoin Cash keeps growing, as the readcash and noisecash users are constantly earning and spending BCH. I am active on both and I am growing my Bitcoin Cash on a daily basis. The journey started as a way to earn more crypto and expand my portfolio but quickly transformed into a more person centered mission. This metamorphosis happened when I truly understood what Bitcoin Cash can do and the dormant potential. 

Reaching 1000 followers on readcash is a massive achievement, specially when is backed up by more than 50,000 views! 

Earning is not everything, as sharing is caring. Bitcoin Cash is a currency, and has to be used and spent. Tipping articles on readcash is one of the best methods to increase the number of BCH users and support adoption.

I am heading towards my second readcash anniversary and I am happy to be one of the top tippers. The tippers list was finally update and I was thrilled to find my name on the 17th place. 

The OLICRYPTO game is another prime example of Bitcoin Cash utility. Oleksandra Oliynykova is the first BCH ambassador and a professional tennis player. She is converting her tournaments prize money in Bitcoin Cash and share it with the $OLI token holders.

I have 814 $OLI tokens and I am constantly earning BCH from Sacha's tournament earnings. This ongoing source of income will improve as the OLICRYPTO main character will improve her WTA ranking and play at better tournaments.

CashRain - The Community-Driven Media Platform That Rewards Community Members

Kim Dotcom launched the Beta Version of CashRain, a community-driven media platform that rewards community members with rains of Bitcoin Cash. The tool connects content creators from mainstream social media and streaming platforms with their followers and subscribers. 

CashRain is powered by Bitcoin Cash, allowing the creators or Twitch/Youtube streamers to share $BCH to the community members. I joined a bit late but I was quickly amazed by the efficiency of the tool and the ability to boost the followers pool of all type of creators.

The Club1BCH community on CashRain was created, and the social channels where added. Club1BCH grew nicely, boosted by daily cashrains of BCH. Started from scratch on the 2nd of December and going past 3100 members few days before Christmas. WE ARE THE LIVING SOUL OF THE BCH COMMUNITY! 

How much changed in only two weeks? From 6,370,000 USD at the start of December, the amount of BCH rained surged to 29,240,000 USD. The amount went 4x in half month, and one lucky user received 4.51 BCH. 

The launch of SmartBCH spiced up the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, adding DeFi and NFTs into the mix. The SmartBCH chain is a EVM compatible sidechain for BCH smart contracts, a new ecosystem that was ultra-low fees and all the tools required for Web3 dApps, NFTs and yield farming.

It wasn't a smooth journey, as not all the projects were genuine and with good intentions. At least we have amazing people that created and maintained BlockNG or KONRA at high standards. I invested a lot in SmartBCH and my investments went down the drain. Fortunately, I also farmed and earned decent amounts of $LAW and RASTJN. This two tokens balanced with the loses and maintained my interest on BCH DeFi alive.

NFTs are cool, and some NFTs are cooler then others. The LAWpunks are maintaining a top value, ignoring the crypto crash and the perpetual bear run. The floor price for LAWpunks is at 1.8 BCH or 555 LAW tokens. 

I collected many others NFTs and my current portfolio has another 103 pieces from BCH Gang, Punk Apes Club, Reaperville, Cash Bears, Reapers, World of Masks and many others. Most of them have staking options and I am stacking some tokens that don't have much utility. 

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Amazing achievement friend, I am amazed by the way you treat BCH. Maybe when compared to me, I am someone who still looks like a baby. Good job till now, you are also an inspiration to others. Keep on going my friend.

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11 months ago


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11 months ago

Unfortunately, there is still a very long way to go. Whenever I ask if Bitcoin Cash or even Crypto is accepted, people make big eyes. When I ask for VISA, it almost always works.

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11 months ago

You must always remember that we are ahead of times, but in few years crypto will be accepted where visa failed

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11 months ago

To be honest, I am not so optimistic. Adoption is increasing very, very slowly, and it will take a long time to reach critical mass. The volatility has to decrease significantly. In developed countries, merchants can afford to pay the credit card fees. Card payments are so common that I see little chance of displacing them. I see more potential in less developed and poorer countries.

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11 months ago

Let's say "in few years" = 5-10 years. Banks and credit cards companies will soon implement blockchain solutions.

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11 months ago

Some banks are already doing it, but they are not using Bitcoin Cash, but Ethereum blockchain.


And these are not solutions for payments.

I haven't heard anything about credit cards. But they certainly won't use Bitcoin Cash.

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11 months ago