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Superumans #28 - Using Tetu for UMA powered DeFi earnings

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2 months ago

I claimed my suINT in April, and had to do something with this bag of Polygon UMA. As a miracle, the UMA & Tetu partnership was announced. Risk Labs has funded an UMA - USDC LP and suddenly UMA could be used for yield farming. This pool had innovative earnings, not only the share of the LP fees. The pool incentivize stakers by paying xTETU, the yield bearing token rewards, and more reward APR. The reward APR is the result of staking each  side of the LP in auto-compounding pools by TETU and a reward distribution to stakers.

When I join new things, I join with all my heart. Swapped USDC for 10,000 TETU, and now I am happy I have USDC as my favorite stable coin not UST.

I deposited the TETU stash to earn more TETU. The funds deposited into the dxTETU are locked for 90 days. Users are able to withdraw funds prior to the deadline but will receive only 50% of the deposited funds and and a share of the remaining 50% divided by the remaining days of the lock. That was fine with my HOLD attitude and added 1000 $TETU in the Vault.

The dxTETU - Diamond Vault is the governance vault that provides gains in early penalty fees, emissions rewards and investment fund gains. I will be able to unlock my full deposited amount on the 5th of July. Until then, the unlockable share of xdTetu keeps growing. If I would withdraw now, I would receive only 59.83% of what I deposited.

The rewards are following an gradual release system as well, with the gains percentage growing towards the full amount as the days will pass. The initial gains were slower then expected but still considerably higher then the average yields on ETH mainchain.

Coming back on track with UMA as the power token for TETU farming, and the LP as the best strategy to earn additional rewards. I used the UMA tokens to provide LP in the UMA-USDC pool, getting 0.63% share. 

Tetu was at $0.034, UMA at $7.23 and USDC was at $1, keeping that USD peg according to standards. Sorry for the LUNA jokes but what happened in there has nothing to do with bear or bull market. As the market dropped considerably since I added the LP, I decided to hold it until UMA will  reach the deposit value. I want to avoid IL and I will do this by earning yield on my assets.

Bitcoin Pizza Day deserved a #KPIpizza competition, where I challenged my colleagues to bake UMA/ SuperUMAns inspired pizzas. This are the amazing results that were shared on Twitter. Enjoy!

The next event brought to you by PVM Entertainment and Leisure is Children's Day Drawing Competition. The theme is childhood, happiness and superUMANs. Draw with chalk on the street, draw with crayons on paper, even draw with paint on the walls! Share your work in the  Discord channel and you may get an UMA Golden Egg as a prize. Share your art on Twitter, tag @SuperUMAns and use the #ChildrensDay2022 and  UMAChildrensDay tags! 

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How to join the superUMAns?

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Written by   1063
2 months ago
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I'm missing a lot on UMA.. But I opted to remove this from my list since I have a lot on my plate and can't manage them all at the same time.

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2 months ago

too much to handle. Me too. A lot of things in mind those days :(

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2 months ago