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Splinterlands Battle Challenge - The Gargoya Scrapper sings like a rapper!

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2 months ago

The Gargoya Scrapper has that presence that makes you believe that this guy can do a mic battle with Eminem! The dude is angry angry and hates the Chaos Legion since his home castle was destroyed. Many of the stone gargoyles fled across the sea and scattered to other continents after the fall of the castle of the Gargoya. Those that remained in the rubble, trying to rebuild their kingdom are known as Scrappers.

The Gargoya Scrapper found ways to create more of their kind and grew their numbers. The goal is to avenge the fall of their kingdom and stop the Chaos Legion.

The gargoyle are carved monsters in the Gothic architecture, designed to "guard" the roofs and walls. If you are as old as I am ... you will remember the cartoons! Now I can bring glory to the gargoyle nation through Splinterlands!

The Gargoya Scrapper is a common Chaos Legion monster, from the Life Splinter, with an estimated cost of the card at $0.04. The Scrapper is a cheap unit, only one mana. It comes with 2 HP, 2 Speed and 1 Melee damage. It will gain the Void ability when upgraded to level three. I don't play Life Splinter so often so my Scrapper is only level 2.

Life and Nature are not always in balance! The Life v Nature duel was boosted by the battle-rules, Healed-Out made useless the use of healers. With a mana cap set at 50, I could use some strong monsters behind the Scrapper.

Mother Khala: +1 Health

Gargoya Scrapper: Main Tank (not!)

Shieldbearer: Real Main Tank with Taunt

Goblin Mech: Off-Tank with Piercing

Sand Worm: OP melee with Sneak

Pelacor Arbalest: Ranged with Double Strike

Djinn Renova: Caster with Strengthen

The opponent missed the Healed Out battle rule, as he choose the Goblin Psychic in his team. He/she expected a caster opponent, going for the Unicorn Mustang as the main tank and the Spawn to taunt the other attacks.

One round gone and both Taunting Tanks are done, I lost the Shieldbearer and my opponent lost the Spawn.

The battle was intense and more monster fell on the battlefield. I lost the fake tank, the Gargoya Scrapper, and the opponent lost the Mustang and the useless Goblin. At the start of the 3rd round I was feeling that the tides of the battle turned in my favor.

Round 4 made me change my mind, as the Goblin Mech fell. I managed to have my revenge on the Elven Defender but the fight looked even. Then it looked like I was going to lose, after missing to hits on the Regal Peryton and losing the Sand Worm. Fortunatelly, the Djinn Renova didn't missed again and concluded the duel. See the full battle here!

I am hanging out again with the cool kids from the Silver League! April was a good month, and hopefully May will be even better. I got 48 reward chest, 890 DEC, 277 credits, potions and 19 cards. Djinn Chwala and Djinn Renova as treats, the amazing Lava Launcher, and many blending cards.

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Written by   1060
2 months ago
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