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Splinterlands Battle Challenge - Calamari Rings or Flying Squid

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3 weeks ago

Welcome to #CryptoCooking ! Today we have a mix of seafood dishes, from grilled Deeplurker, Baked Stonefish to Poached Demented Shark Fillet. However, my recommendation will be the signature Lemon and Chaos Flying Squid platter!

Although Flying Squid are not truly capable of flight, their moniker comes from their ability to launch themselves from the water and glide above the surface for long distances before re-submerging. These aggressive predators shoot ink into the eyes of their prey to blind them before attacking with their lengthy tentacles.

This is one of my favorite cards for off-tank spot, due to the insane health, the top damage and Reach ability. Also, it is very tasty when marinated with lemon and a dust of chaos.

The Flying Squid is part of the Chaos Legion additions to the Water Splinter, and brings fury in the battlefield. This common card costs 7 mana and starts with 8 HP, 3 speed and 2 melee attack. I upgraded my golden foil squid to 9 health, 3 speed and 3 melee damage

Seafood bonanza! Today's menu is full of fish oil and Omega-3! I chose Kelya for ultra boost and had to adapt to 19 mana cap and all monsters with Enrage!

Kelya Frendul: +1 Armor & +1 Speed

Demented Shark: Tank with Inspire

Flying Squid: Off-Tank with Reach

Ice Pixie: Caster with Flying

The opponent choose Kelya as well, and went for a delay tactic. Lots of small cost cards with extra armor where supposed to extend the game and slowly win the game.

The delay and conquer tactic was good but not effective against brute force. The pixie had maximum impact as it ignored the Chaos Agent's armor and made the first victim of the battle.

The Stonefish was next on the menu, sliced and diced by the Flying Squid razor blade sharp tentacles.

The Ice Pixie was defeated but the Squid made sure to revenge it, devoring the Xenith Archer in one bite.

No extra armor allowed, as the Squid made another victim. What's the catch of the day? Slowly roasted Water Splinter monsters. It's 2v2 now but monsters with Flying can be annoying, as the Shark missed a deadly blow on the opponent's Pixie.

The Demented Shark had his share of Enrage but now is off to the Frying Pan. Squid to the rescue, as the flurry of tentacles have a low chance to miss.

Now chance to miss doesn't mean a 100% success rate on attacks, as the Pelcor has dodged a strike. It's a one v one duel for the crown and the Squid is the victor! All fail the King! All hail the Squid King !

The Flying Squid was the MVP of the battle, dealing the fatal blow to 5 out of 6 opponent. Has done some overpowered damage and finished the game with 5 melee damage and 6 speed after enrage!

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Written by   1060
3 weeks ago
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