Revolut New Features: Learn & Earn Polkadot

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I was surprised to see a Revolut notification on my phone, sending me to try the new "Learn & Earn". I opened the app and I discovered the offer in the "Crypto" tab. The selected users would earn 14 GBP worth of Polkadot ($DOT) after completing the small learning session.

Revolut is a British financial technology company that offers banking services, with the HQ in London. It was founded in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko, and offers both fian and crypto options.

The Revolut Card works fee-less in UK and abroad, usually using it when travelling. The referral system is one of the best, with 50 GBP as rewards or inviting friends and family to use Revolut. The referrals must complete KYC and order a physical card to validate the reward.

The Crypto tab is now hosting "Learn" courses, inviting users to level up the knowledge about crypto and get rewarded. I completed the four Crypto Basics courses and got rewarded with 1 GBP worth of $DOT for each course.

The lessons short videos are approximately 1 minute long and the reward is credited after answering correctly to the multi-choice question. The pop-up message will inform the user if the answer was correct or not.

The Polkadot lessons will introduce card-users to the Polkadot ecosystem and how the multi-chain network will power the internet of tomorrow. Each of the 5 advanced lessons will credit 2 GBP worth of $DOT. 

Completing the 4 basic lessons and the 5 advanced Polkadot lessons will improve the user's knowledge and will add 14 GBP in DOT in his wallet. The GBP to DOT value depends on the real-time value of the cryptocurrency.

Finished all 9 courses in 10-12 minutes, and 2.6 DOT were added in my crypto wallet. It started growing only minutes after completing the course. Based on the value of the reward, the Revolut Learn&Earn is better than the Coinbase program, and miles better then CoinMarketCap similar events.

One week later, my DOT holdings are already 20 % up. The 14 GBP I received 7 days ago pumped to 16 GBP.

Please note that Revolut only holds crypto, and the cryptocurrencies can be sent to Revolut users only. However, it can be easily sold for British Pounds. If I want to swap 2.6 DOT, I will receive 16 GBP and pay 0.41 for the exchange fee. Having no option to send the crypto assets to DEXs makes it difficult for Revolut to become a key player in the Cryptoverse. The current format, with only internal holding, makes it suitable for pump & dump trading or long term HODL.

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Ayie! I was so happy when I've done that last month 🤣 It's nice to earn free from reading and lol I didn't read, Ikeep on guessing.

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Happy you got it!

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