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It's all about equality and diversity - Splinterlands Dragon Challenge

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1 month ago

It looks like the Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge with Dragons it's becoming a classic. Use any dragon, any edition, any rarity, any attack or ability in a battle that will show how good you can implement winning mechanics.

This is the 4th time I am doing the Dragons Battle Challenge in 2022 and it was always Drake of Arnak and Djinn Chwala! Was thinking will be hard to do something different but it was easier than I thought! It's time for the Dragonflight!

Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Dragons, roots and fatigue

Splinterdragons battle challenge - Burning the roots of all evil

Dragons Splinterlands Battle Challenge - The Dragons and the End of Time

Equality and Diversity: This dragons battle challenge become fan thanks to the two battle-rules. Even Steven was active, so only monsters with even mana cost could be used in the battle. Equal Opportunities was the second, with all monsters attacking the enemy with the lowest health. Mana cap at 23 gave a bit of flexibility, enough to select a couple of strong cards.

Drake of Arnak: +1 Armor

Djinn Chwala: Main Tank with Roots

Twilight Basilisk: Melee with Reach

Magi Necrosi: Caster with Snipe and Camouflage

Had to fight against a Death Splinter team with a summoner that reduced health and magic power. My Magi Necrosi was affected, and had to fight with halved power.

The Casters/Ranged team was defended by only the Cursed Windeku. It was carnage in the first round, as all the monsters had opportunity. I lost the Basilisk but took down two monsters, sending the badger and the chicken straight to the pet's cemetery.

Round Two and Round Three was an endless chain of Roots damage and proved that Dragon roots are more powerful than Undead Roots. It leaded to a Caster v Ranged duel, where my Mage Necrosi managed to defeat two opponets. See the full battle here!

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Written by   1060
1 month ago
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Thats very good

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1 month ago

I hope you have enjoyed playing dragons games. Many people on are attached to the splinterlands but I haven't tried yet

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1 month ago

It's never too late

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1 month ago