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Infinity Skies - Castle Competitions and $ISKY

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2 months ago

What is Infinity Skies?

Infinity Skies NFT game caught my attention with the new concept of Play2Earn, the professionalism of the team and the focus on community.  The players will be able to build, trade, adventure and socialize in a fantasy Crypto Sandbox Game. The game will focus on gameplay and experience, not only on earning money, by implementing social ranking leaderboards. 

You start the game on your "island", as part of the free-to-play format, and you start building your castle. The plot can be filled and decorated in multiple ways, and comes in different variations, from 2x2 to 5x5! 

What makes Infinity Skies special?

The NFT gaming industry has become one of the fastest-growing sectors. The competition makes the developer teams to deliver high standards Play2Earn experience. However, Infinity Skies vision is to offer an all-in-one blockchain gaming experience. The Infinity Skies Metaverse will have NFT real estate, marketplace for the Skyplots, stunning views and a focus on social interaction. The castles will serve as meeting grounds for other players and friends. The kings and queens will host events to earn “prestige points” from the guests.

The $ISKY token will power the game, from Marketplace to Rewards. The launch was on Quickswap, and the newest trading DEX is MEXC Global. 

The focus on developing a strong community is highlighted through various events, such as banknotes, castle competitions, Discord support, and many more. Free banknotes are shared each month, redeemable for (random) gold, silver or bronze banknotes. I am holding 3 Bronze Banknotes, which will be used to buy in-game NFT ornaments.

Therefore, Infinity Skies is not just a game! Infinity Skies is a whole ecosystem that creates synergy with the players. The adventure is few clicks away, as the demo gives instant access to the Infinity Skies Metaverse. Download the game and fly on your skyplot.

Start building and participate join the castle competition are open for all the DEMO players. The best castles will share the 20,000 tokens prize pool. Join the Infinity Skies Discord to keep up with the news and for exclusive opportunities to claim banknotes and see spoilers from the game updates. The Castle Competitions are the best part of the cycle, and usually the theme is fun to follow. 

The Retro Games was one of the most competitive competitions, with so many amazing castles build as entries. I seen so many childhood games as castle backgrounds. All I could build was this classic maze from a HC95 game, built in Basic! 

This was the castle I built for Tiny Plots, as the theme was to build on a single island. I went for a simplified version of a luxury establishment, using a flat as a framework. I have a humble bedroom, a banquet hall and a study room. 

Some players are just wow! Maybe they have too much free time, a buzzing broadband and a good-working computer. Some of the castles I seen were HD level, with so much attention to details. I stick to the theme and try to do a good impression... like this Chinese New Year Tiger Themed Castle!

Was this Tiny Plots v2? Or was this the Halloween Edition? I can't remember exactly but I think was for a Castle Competition as well. This was a bit more luxuriant then the flat-type castle, with the Portal Room decorated to impress. The Waiting Room and the Kitchen had Dragons Lighting, while the bedroom was rich in details. 

My newest entry... the 22 of May Bitcoin Pizza Castle! It is the castle floor, but in fact is a pizza floor! Maybe was to spicy for a May Day! Once I get myself a better laptop ... It's GAME ON!

I end this post by sharing my love for Infinity Skies

I would give my heart, for a place in your  sky! 

Faith keeps us apart, I have no wings to fly!

I'am alone... feeling shy, Going through the portal!

True love can't get dry, Love's flame is immortal! 

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Written by   1063
2 months ago
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