Idols NFTs - The Guardians of Ethereum

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The Idols NFTs are groundbreaking and they are rightly called the Guardians of Ethereum. The Ethereum obtained from the sale of the 10,000 Idols will be staked forever, a solemn vow to protect the blockchain for all time. The project is 100% community-aligned, with no pre-sales or private allocations. The early idols were appreciated for catchy songs and shiny clothes ... the modern Idols are bringing perpetual earnings!  

Idols vision is to be a first Defi protocol and NFT project that brings total decentralization on web3. The contracts are 100% permissionless and uncensorable. The Idols NFTs have guaranteed popularity and value, as the NFTs will initially be available for trading only on the native marketplace. The Idol Marketplace will be open and decentralized, with no third party fees or additional external market fees.

 The Idols is a collection of 10,000 generative portraits minted on Ethereum. Each NFT is unique and is generated from over a hundred hand-drawn assets. The NFT genesis is called "The Offering", a symbolic name fir the minting of the 10,000 unique NFTs. The total amount of $ETH raised will be converted into stETH and staked into the monotonically increasing treasury. The amount of stETH can never be withdrawn, ensuring that Idols NFTs will maintain value.   

The Idols Treasury will mint $VIRTUE tokens, granting the holders a share of all the commissions on NFT sales. The holders of Idols NFTs will receive stETH rewards, obtained from the 7.5% commissions obtained from Idols NFT sales that will be bounded to obtain $VIRTUE.   

Why the Idols project is 100% community-aligned? Because the vision is to empower and reward the community, not the team. All the revenue from minting will be deposited as LIDO's stETH and 100% of the staking reward is distributed to the NFT holders. The commissions from secondary sales is distributed to $VIRTUE stakers and the "goldlist" system will bring additional benefits to the community members that will bring remarkable contributions.   

The Idols team has a long term plan, and their NFTs have a 1 year lock. The sales structure and the reward system are different than everything you seen up to date. The Founders will gain nothing from the sale or  any commissions from resales, a set up that will create a vibrant community. The NFTs and the $VIRTUE tokens will work in synergy, as both will give membership in the Idolverse Community. The community is pro-growth ... nothing toxic about it!


The "Goldlist" is another Idols NFT innovation! Goldlisted community members will obtain direct benefits, not hollow discounts or whitelisting for purchase. They will receive an allocation of $VIRTUE, vested at the same rate as the Founders allocation. At least 1 million $VIRTUE tokens will be shared among the goldlisted community members. 

The Team  

The Idols team was involved in the Cryptoverse since early days, leading successful projects in DeFi, gaming, tech and finances. The member are based across the globe and IRL identities of the members have been shared with LIDO, Certik and other partners.  

  • 0xNΞptune is the Chief Architect, with a career as a portfolio manager within the Defi space.

  • HeavΞnlyWaffle is the Chief Builder, with experience in backend infrastructure for tech giants like Google and earlier-stage startups.

  • LaserBΞar is the full time artist of the project, with over fifteen years experience in concept art and illustrations for games and movies

  • 0xGoldΞnCalf is the Head of Community, with experience in the marketing and engagement of NFT communities.​

  • DΞfidol is the Head of Product, an experience manager that worked for both startups and Fortune 500 companies.

  • DΞfiArtemis is the Head of Business Development, with many years of work in the corporate world.

  • amazingsocordia is the Frontend Developer, an experienced  website builder

  • S.H.Zay is the Community Manager, an NFT enthusiast and community member in many top projects.

    Useful links:  

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The Idols Gitbook

The Idols Goldlisting 


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Please teach me on Nft my idols. Iwant your brain cells to be imparted on me

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How do we get to mint this particular nfts cause it really beautiful

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They will announce minting date soon... but is on ETH

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