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Cruel Sethropod Sushi - The Splinterlands Battle Challenge

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6 months ago

Welcome to our restaurant! Today we serving Cruel Sethropod Sushi! This unique Splinterlands delicacy is our top dish! Even Obsidian shared a dish pic on her Insta account.

Throughout history, both pirats and sailors had many tales of the dangers of the Cruel Sethropods. The creature is armed with strong pincers and teeth as sharp as spears. The base ingredient for our sushi will attack anything that gets within range. It is nearly impossible to remove a Cruel Sethropod once it has latched on, and many a sailor has the scars to show where they ventured too close. Maybe this is the reason why this dish is so expensive!

The Cruel Sethropod is a strong enemy and an even stronger ally. It costs only 3 mana, and comes with 3 armor, 3 health points, 1 melee damage and 1 speed. Is good for low mana battles and becomes quicker when upgraded to level 2 - the level my Sethropod is at the moment.

Water is Life but Life is not Water! No special battle rules and only 16 mana cap set the game for the Cruel Sethropod. The team will get 1 extra armor and one speed from the summoner, boosting the battle power.

Cruel Sethropod - Main Tank

Demented Shark - Off-Tank with Inspire

Pelacor Bandit - Melee with Sneak and Flying

The opponent went for Life and extra health, with the Crystal Jaguar as the main tank. Celestial Harpy and Stitch Leech as source of damage behind the tank, while the Time Mage will cast spells and slow me down.

The Sethropod took on the challenge, getting hit after hit. The time mage must fall so I can get back to hyper-speed.

We are at the start of round three, and the Slow effect was dispelled. With the Time Mage down, I gained speed advantage over the opponent team. The Pelacor Bandit is turning into the star of the battle, already dodging two attacks.

Fortune favors the strongest, and not only the Bandit dodged a third attack... but the Sethropod dodged two as well. It's game over and no sushi today! See the full battle here!

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Written by   1120
6 months ago
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I just noticed PVM, you might have misspelled the title, "Splinterlands" instead of "Splinterlangs" 🤗

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6 months ago

That's true!

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6 months ago