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BCH Spotlight: The BCH Gang - NFTs for a modern community

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1 month ago

The @SmartBCH ecosystem keeps expanding and new projects are making way for a modern community, where each member will contribute towards to evolution of Bitcoin Cash as a DeFi chain.

TheBCHGang has the above goal and 10,000 BCH gang members NFTs are part of the expansion. The minting is live at for 0.03 BCH per NFT. The CA is 0x651D28aa119e484008037DbCb783DB68F7Ac590A

The BCH GANG Telegram group is animated and well moderated. Check it to be up to date with the news and project updates.

The minting is Phase 1 of the campaign, which will continue with the governance token airdrop, staking and game launch.

Phase to will mark the launch of the governance token, airdrop and beta testing for staking. According to the RoadMap, is planned at the end of May.

The game launch has no approximate date! However, it is known that each NFT will be a premium card and the $BGNT token will be the P2E reward in the game.

Read more on The BCH GANG website!

I can't help it! I love NFTs and can't stay away from NFTs! I was ready when the minting started, and only 15 NFTs were minted before mine.

I like to be part of things, and to be honest I am still waiting for that amazing BCH game that will hype and unite the ecosystem. Until now were only rug-pulls and disappointment. I minted 3 NFTs and went straignt to Oasis to check them.

I also won 1 BCH GANG NFT from a Twitter giveaway. If my skills in tracking chain transactions are not wrong, this is the one I won... a guy with a grey jumper.

Machine guns and green hair make a perfect combo. Those blue icy eyes makes it look like a Batman bad guy, a Doctor Freeze and Two-Faces hybrid.

This guy has some Lord Raiden vibes! Have you minted BCH Gang NFTs? You can now check the rarity on

#Club1BCH is always looking to reward the active BCH supporters, and we hosting a NFT giveaway. Two BCH Gang NFTs can be won by completing the criteria of this tweet! Telegram membership and Twitter follow will be manually curated. Newly made Twitter account will not be considered for this competition. Deadline Sunday 23:59 UTC!

This seams to be one of the best tweets sent from the Club1BCH account, as the giveaway already reached over 1400 impressions in 2 days. Join the giveaway!

The SmartBCH Spotlights series:

1. Cash Cats ($CATS) - the first meme token on SmartBCH with 1,000,000,000 total token supply

2. BCHPad - a decentralized IDO protocol built on the SmartBCH chain, creating a simplified method to invest in new SEP20 tokens 

3. AxieBCH - Gaming Guild - a simple business model and a provision for players to create a play2earn source of income. 

4. BlockNG & LAW Punks - the platform powered by the $LAW token, which can be used to buy LAW Punks NFTs. 

5. CheckBook - the system that evolves the airdrops, as the tokens are sent through cheques and must be accepted.

6. Konra Token - a token with unique tokenomics and a project that will become a multi token ecosystem.

7. Tango Swap - The first SmartBCH DEX with publicly known developers. 

8. GAME - The the universal gas token for the AxieBCH gaming guild that grows in the holder's wallet 

9. Narath - The reward token meant to serve as an incentive of the holders that use Konra on SmartBCH.

10. 1BCH DEX - New LPs with top APY and single staking sprinklers

11. Oasis.Cash - The decentralized NFT market on SmartBCH

12. World of Masks - A collection of programmatically generated 10,800 Masks NFTs

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Written by   1008
1 month ago
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Great one from you.👍

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1 month ago

Ohooo, another cool design NFT, but still undecided if I will go with it 🤔

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1 month ago

You will know when is the right NFT projec (probably summer 2022) 😆

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1 month ago

Will must participate in the giveaway hopefully will be among the lucky ones who are going to get NFT's

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1 month ago

Good luck

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