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Skar: Thirteen

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Skar: Twelve

[SP] every time you kill someone, their fatal wound shows up as a scar on your body.


When I first checked out the 3D Map and realized the location of the place, and the layout of the place, I knew the problem it posed. For the three whole seconds - according to my calculations and estimations - that the informant would be within a sniper's range from about eight different rooftops. There were eight positions from where one would get a clean shot at the position where I was supposed to be standing, and thus, I could be executed by a sniper (or more than one, assuming the enemy had considered my feats and thought of contingencies) from any of these eight rooftops.

To begin with, the client had transferred the whole amount - 20 thousand dollars into my account upfront. They obviously thought that I was a greedy f*ck who would throw away my intuition and suspicions at the sight of money, but I wasn't. I was quite enticed by the money, but not enough to lose my head. I was now sure the unidentified enemy were in such a haste to kill me, they were making a lot of rash and extreme decisions from the get-go.

There were just a few variables I had to take into consideration, one of which was the fact that it was not going to be possible to kill the person who had been initiating the confrontations via Encrochat, this was not going to be like the last two confrontations that were so quick to bury. We would play a proper game of chess now, where every move was calculated and evaluated to the tiniest details, and yet every move would just be a progression to a victory or a loss.

So what was my aim now? To send a message, of course. I couldn't;t slack or allow myself to be left behind this time and the whole fiasco with Terry Dahl a year ago was to be avoided at all costs. I could never allow myself to dine and dance so closely with the devil because this wasn't a rookie cop with a sharp brain and a lot of wits. Just like me, my enemy had wined and dined with the most despicable of men and was well versed in setups and underhanded tricks.

But I had also analyzed the situation and determined my next line of action. Although a bit distant from all nine buildings in question, another building provided such a convenient and;e of elevation, I could see all the other buildings. With a great scope and zoom lens, I could get a clear shot on the sucker(s) who were supposed to do me in.

But there was still one question: I was expected to be at that initial rooftop position, to begin with. If I wasn't there, the enemy sniper would easily figure out that O knew about their plans, and this plan would be foiled.

I went to another platform, this time on the dark web, and posted the job, pitting a price tag of a mere 5000 dollars on it. The rules there worked differently, and I did not have to pay a necessarily huge percentage of the agreed price upfront. 1500 dollars was enough to make 'Skeletor' - as this ill-fated hitman called himself - move into action.

I told him where he was supposed to stay to get a vantage point to shoot from. Of course, he was just the bait, not knowing how much he was throwing away just for a little loss of 1500 dollars on my part. He accepted the job and I watched from my own building as he came out on the rooftop and waited for the informant to come out, setting up his sniper rifle.

Probably whistling. Thinking about a hundred and one different ways he could squander 5000 dollars. I felt no pity towards him; he was a pawn, and in this world, the game was either to use or be used, If he chose to be used, then he would have to face all the consequences that came with that choice.

I saw the informant come out, and then I saw Skeletor become still as he held his breath before pulling the trigger. Two figures suddenly came into view, both aiming at him. I could have possibly killed them before they killed Skweletor, but he was somehow a witness to some of the vents at this place.

He was a loose end.

As they shot Skeletor down, I shot twice from both guns at such a speed, the second man did not even have time to register and process the fact that his partner had been sniped.

In the corner of my eye, I saw the Black Mercedes move As an excellent multitasker, I was monitoring not just the rooftops, but the roads. I saw the van that the two assassins had come in. And then it had been followed - most likely not to their knowledge - by that Black Mercedes.

Unfortunately, I could not shoot with precision in this instance, but I could leave a message

I fired, and I watched the back glass crack and splinter a little. Bulletproof glass.

Precautions were taken.

I opened my EncroChart secure phone and texted the client.

"Just a sample. Going for the kill nest time."

A reply came in almost instantly. "Well played."

Another 20,000 dollars was sent to my offshore account.

This b*stard is playing games, I laughed to myself.



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Written by   209
1 month ago
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Now I'm curious who this bored smart guy is

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