Maintaining your inner peace is important

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I was just rambling through some of my dad's old camera today when I saw an old picture of mine taken while I was still in high school, it made me remember how I totally lost my inner peace then due to a particular event that happened then at my school. For that whole year, I was like a shadow of myself until I realized that I can't satisfy everyone even if I'm the very best so since then, I try maintaining my inner peace and I never let anyone or situation tamper with it.

Here's the deal, I do not lose my peace of mind over the things that are beyond my control, I believe that one of the major causes of stress is when we try to control EVERYTHING. We want to control people’s perception of us, the weather, traffic, how our partners should treat us, etc.

Let me rain on your parade, You can't control everything! Some things are just beyond your control and so I don't think you'll be doing yourself any good if you continue to lose your inner peace or happiness over those things.

If you find yourself losing your peace of mind then this post would benefit you.

I'm going to briefly touch on ways you can find your inner peace and happiness below;

  • Love yourself

I recently discovered the reason why we must love ourselves and trust me, I learnt it in a hard way. We've read this so much that it's almost cliche but it is so valid. One way to maintain your inner peace and be happy is to love yourself. You shouldn't wait on anyone to love or acknowledge you. Love yourself and others would do the same.

  • Focus on your passion

Focus your attention on those things you love, find your passion and do your best with it, it's gonna give you happiness. I've grown to learn that there's nothing as beautiful as doing what you love.

  • Be grateful

A grateful person is a happy and peaceful person. Instead of thinking and beating yourself up over the things that are not going well, why don't you be thankful for the things that are going on well.

  • Meditate

Meditation makes you feel so focused and calm because it helps your brain have better control over processing pain and emotions. Meditate on your past achievements, meditate on ways to improve yourself, study people's life an history, make researches, meditate as much as possible, you will realize how energized you can be.

  • Forgive yourself and move on

Don't let your past mistakes define you, we are so forgiving when it comes to other people. We are quick to forgive others but we do not extend the same kindness to ourselves. You need to let go and forgive your past mistakes. You can't keep dwelling on how you messed up or what you could have done better. Take the lessons, be a better person and move on.

  • Be content

Practice acceptance and contentment, you can't be happy or be at peace if you aren't content. “Contentment” doesn't mean you are not ambitious. It is an emotional state of satisfaction. It's more like peaceful ease of mind so accept yourself for who you are, I'm not saying you shouldn't strive to be better, just accept yourself and stay contented.

  • Exercise more often

Exercising is a great therapy for the mind. Exercising will help calm your muscles, relaxes your mind, focus your attention on things which you can achieve and thereby brings happiness.

  • Declutter

People can feel held back by their mess so decluttering can make us feel like we have a fresh start which can be energizing. Try arranging scattered places/things or change the former arrangement of a room to a new one, it makes you feel like a super hero 😂. For example, whenever I do my laundry and tidy my space, I feel on top of the world. Living in a cluttered environment can increase stress and anxiety.

I will conclude by saying this, anything that cost your peace of mind is too expensive, and if you love yourself, others will take a cue and do the same.

Published date: 27th of may, 2022
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1 year ago


We cannot overemphasize loving yourself, most people need to know that this is what happens first before others can love you.

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1 year ago

I recently learnt that too

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1 year ago