Beautiful yet ugly (rhymes)

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1 year ago

Beauty is appealing

Everyone is blessed by it

The eyes is attracted to it

The desire is watered by it

A beautiful lady is fair to look upon

She walks in swam of admiration

As though she is a crystal diamond

But ensnared by imbalance attention

She is pleasant to the eye of men

Escalated by the attention of men

Enraptured by sweet comments

Always glorified for her freshness

Though one is as beautiful as a rose

Attractive as a fully budded rose

Pleasant to the eyes like a newly bought couch

Decorated as Solomon pouch

How then can beauty be uglified?

It is nothing but bad character

That 'uglifies' any pretty woman

It makes awkward the most admired

It makes the most beautiful most ugly

Turns back the feet of admirers disgustfully

Chases away suitors from her daily

Draws back helper of her destiny

To achieve a thing becomes difficult

Especially finding true love

Making her single for so long

Getting a life partner becomes her prayer point

Forgetting about her bad character

And her rude lifestyle

Thinking it is her family background

That is victimizing her

On her quest of finding true love

It's likely for her to find a bitter love

Cause even if she is supposed to be loved

Her character will ruin it all

It is shown clearly now

How beauty can be uglified

They say, a good character

Is the ornaments of human!

One thing I've realized about people with bad character

They never assume they have bad character

I know that no one is a perfect human

Everyone has one flaw or the other

But having a flaw is different from a bad character

If your character is bad, admit it now

So you can find help to your problem of long time

And also get to find people who will truly love your type

If you find yourself in the shackles of bad character

It's never too late to change for a better

Have control over all your actions as from now

If you can't control your actions

Go for therapies relating to your kind of character

And also trace your steps back to your maker

He will give you a sense of direction

And help your life, It is well!

Note: Am sorry if anyone is affected by my article in one way or the other, this is a very harmless post and not in anyway intended to harm anyone, it's just to point out the bad issues of life. Thank you.

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1 year ago


Nice rhymes. Are you by any chance a poet?

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1 year ago

Not really.. I'm still considering diving into it .. thanks anyways

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1 year ago

Oyinwrites! Oh dear! I was definitely blessed by this. Beauty without character is meaningless.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the accolade Ella.. it was nice meeting you

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1 year ago