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Combat "Stress"

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2 months ago

Have you ever go to work early in the morning with a queasy stomach, headache and high blood?

If you do, the energy vulture called "stress" might have driven your pulse upward. In a study undertaken at the University of California in Irvine, researchers find that commuting depression has a substantial effect on well-being. According to the study, it has a clear biochemical effect on the body by increasing blood pressure and releasing stress hormones.

Prepare ahead of time

One of the easiest ways to reduce the burden of road rage is to schedule it the night before your scheduled ride. Clothes, paperwork, attaché case, and even prepared lunches should be set a day beforehand to prevent morning rushes. With all on your hands, you'd save a lot of time to do your morning rituals, have a nice brunch, and have a good time with your mates. Best of all, you will break the highway free of traffic jams.

Sleep well, wake up early

A good night's sleep is rejuvenating the body. Make it a habit to get ample sleep to wake up early. If you're still tired the day before, an inadequate rest will take over the combined stress consequences of your life at work and at home. Your job frustration will inevitably increase, your brain capacity will diminish, and your mood will increase at home. You don't have the energy to live life.

Share the journey

It might be a problem to arrange your arrival and departure with another person or two, but carpooling is worth it. Studies suggest that ride-sharing dramatically decreases tension. With carpooling, there is less air and noise emissions, less traffic congestion, and you can rest more when everyone else is driving.

"Cocoon" in the car

Using your time effectively instead of being worked up while traffic is at a standstill. Listen to the radio or play some music tapes to keep your mind off the stop-and-go driving and traffic tie-ups. If you want to read but just can't have time to flip Pages of a novel, check out books on a recorder, a lot of libraries have full-length books on tapes as well as abridged copies.

Pillow your back

When you're up, the lumbar region of your spine usually bends downwards to your belly. So when you're lying there, it seems to sag outward, crushing the spinal disks and placing tension on them. According to the back specialist Malcolm Pope, Ph.D. , director of the Iowa Spine Research Center at the University of Iowa, it helps protect the back by tucking a folded towel or a pillow in that lumbar section.

In cases of longer rides, as sitting in one place for more than 15 minutes progressively stiffens you even with a back cushion, make the requisite changes for a relaxed journey. For eg, you might try putting more of your weight in one buttock, and then in the other. Then change the position of your seat or your buttocks slightly. You could even try to slide down in your seat and sit up again for some fun.

After work, work out

Although the congestion of the night is even worse than the congestion of the morning due to the intensified exhaustion of the working day, it is best to wait for the traffic. Work out in a gym near your office. If you're going to go to dinner, watch a concert or stage show, or go shopping, consider doing this stuff close to work, delaying your departure enough to miss the maddening rush.

Please give yourself a break

It could be a smart idea to give yourself a day off work. Many businesses now offer compressed working hours or extended working days to allow you to rest on work-free days.

Move your workplace

If your job is going on a long drive every day, ask at work if the employer will like you to work at home several days a week, or whether you should work near your house. An alternate job routine will make you feel less tense and thus less stress-free.

Adjust your routine regularly

It could also be advisable to alter intermittent swapping patterns. Try walking or commuting to work for a change. There's nothing like a nice stroll to relieve the anxiety, particularly if it means you don't have to get in your car and battle the rush hour traffic.

Lowering the burden of going to work, you're saving a massive amount of resources that can be wasted on exhausting driving. Not only does it leave you a lot of motivation to do your work and be efficient, but it also makes you feel positive and gives you a good excuse to start your day right.

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Written by   226
2 months ago
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I really hope i can combat stress.. This work ofine is really stressful.. I guess i need a good break..

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2 months ago

Don't hesitate to take a good break. Everyone deserves it especially if you can't handle the stress anymore. Better shake it off and find good musics to listen to.

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2 months ago