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Easy healthy salad prepared in jar

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4 months ago

These days when the weather continues to get warmer every day, my appetite is about to turn off. Eating Eating has been a torture for me.

Even eating my favorite hamburger, which I ordered for lunch at the office, I felt nauseous. because such greasy food is not good for me in hot weather.

Of course, as summer came, holiday plans began to appear in my mind.

For this reason, I have to be careful about what I eat :)

I am aware that my meals should now be based on carbohydrates, very protein and vitamins.

My weight is not much, but we women believe that we should definitely go on a diet before wearing that swimsuit :))

Again, I don't know how I managed to bring the subject elsewhere.

If I'm back for dinner.

A super delicious, healthy and practical recipe for those who are bored of eating at school, at work, outside or in the cafeteria, and for those who are on a diet and cannot find what to eat.

The most important thing when preparing this recipe is the jar. Yes Yes, the jar we know. It is enough to keep the mouth tightly closed so that it does not get air.

The dish called salad is a combination of your favorite ingredients according to your taste. As I always say, material choices are up to you. I'm just giving my opinion.

But for this recipe, we have to follow a certain way so that the ingredients are not crushed and mixed with each other.


1- First of all, if we are going to use it on the bottom, we place the boiled legumes or the hard salad ingredients (grated carrots, finely chopped purple cabbage, etc.). We also add our bee sauce here.

2- If vegetables are to be used, they are listed here. If we are not going to use vegetables, we can add colorful salad ingredients such as red capia pepper etc.

3- On this floor, there are materials with high protein value such as cheese etc. If you want, you can also put the nuts on this floor.

4- Here comes the greens. After washing the greens in plenty of water, we take out the excess water with the help of a towel paper or a salad dryer. We tear it off with our hands and put it on this floor. Tomatoes that can easily be crushed will also be here.

Now let's come to my salad recipe:

Ingredients for Jar Salad (Grain) Recipe

4 tablespoons of boiled buckwheat

fresh mint



optional cucumber or purple cabbage

string cheese or feta cheese

1-2 cherry tomatoes

2 teaspoons of olive oil

lemon juice

3 whole walnuts if you are not going to use olive oil

How to Make Jar Salad (Grain) Recipe?

Place the boiled buckwheat at the bottom of the jar with the help of a spoon.

Those who will use the sauce can whisk olive oil and lemon juice and add it on top of the buckwheat.

Place the cheese you want to use on top.

Put the greens and dried fruits you have washed and dried on the top and close the lid.

This way it can stay in the refrigerator for 2-3 days without spoiling.

When you use it, turn the jar upside down on a serving plate, add salt and spices as desired and consume.

Bon appetit now

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Written by   57
4 months ago
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Wow the idea of salad in jar is really great for staff and even when we travel. I fell in love with the idea of ​​replacing walnuts with olive oil, I think it could be a great alternative.

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4 months ago

Hello my friend. Yes, I recommend you try a method that is perfect for travel, workplace or even school. Especially for those on a diet :)

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4 months ago