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How to make content writing enjoyable

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1 year ago

In one of my previous posts I said that content writing is a fun job. But today I am going deeper into it again. So content writing is as fun as it is paradoxical or annoying. Yes, that's right. Now you can think of two words in one face? No, I'm not saying two things in one mouth. Content writing is really a fun job. But it can be a little annoying at first. It has to be enjoyable. I swear if you can make it enjoyable once, you won't feel bad about it anymore.

Yes it must be. But you have to give it time. But if you don't give time. So let's give a few small tips on how to make writing more colorful.

1. Write about the challenge:

What is your job Now you think it is a question again. The job of content writers is to write content - what else. This is where we make the most mistakes. Do you know why I make a mistake? Because most of our clients write with us SEO friendly content writing. Now this content is the main goal they rank in Google. But if your content is not SEO friendly, will it rank? Of course not. So have you been able to satisfy the client here? Couldn't. Then the main goal of content writers should be client satisfaction.

And this work is very challenging. I said no, it will happen again. So do it in a challenging way. If your client is satisfied, then Alhamdulillah, if not, find out the mistake and make the next article look good. If there is a challenge inside the work, you will not be boring InshaAllah.

2. Follow the great writers:

Is it that you are just writing and writing but you have no idol? Well, let's make it a little clearer. Do you follow great writers? If not here's a new product just for you! Because you are writing in your tone but your tone is not right and the client is not satisfied then what will be the work?

For this, read the blogs of great writers. It is very easy to understand the difference. But then you will understand the writing mistakes or where to improve. And the biggest thing is that if you read their writing every day, you will come up with many ideas. Because there is a proverb in the world of writing, if you want to write, you have to read.

3. Increase value, increase revenue:

Money is the biggest inspiration. The more we say, the more we have to be quality. Our main goal is to make money. We also come to earn money in content writing. But when we are new content writers, it is normal that we do not have good writing quality. But as long as it goes, we have to focus on improving the quality.

Because if you don't increase the quality, but your income will remain the same. Who does not want to increase income. When a beginner content writer starts his career, maybe you charge 150-200 rupees per 1000 words. In that case I took it, 150. Now if you write every day, it comes at the end of the month, (150 × 30) = 4500 rupees. This 150 can be up to 500-1000 as your quality increases inshaAllah.

4. Create a personal audience:

In today's world of social media try to build your own audience. In any case, I will not turn around and say it directly. Create a personal blog. Where you will share your writing. Which will serve as your portfolio. And you will earn with Adsense. And a fanbase will be created with those who will like your writing.

5. Keep in touch with the mentor:

Those of us who are involved in content writing learn mostly under someone. Always hold that mentor. Because he will always give you mentorship. If he has a good relationship with you, he can sit down with you and discuss where you are having trouble. The biggest advantage of this is that you can feel free to tell your content related issues without any hesitation.

So whatever you think, go ahead and think about it. InshaAllah, there will be no annoyance towards writing.

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Written by   87
1 year ago
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