Street children struggle life

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- I'm sorry, sir. Sir, hold your two legs, I don't have any more, sir, I'm fasting, and Amu will never.

Hearing Rosa's words, the two beatings stopped! Then one asked.

--- Where is your house?

--- In Kalabagan slum.

--- Do you steal from the mosque? How big is your heart?

Hearing this, the man next to him said.

--- Why did you stop, brother? Den and Koyda, they steal in the month of Ramadan, they go to Salar.

You are stealing this, why are you fasting again? Yes? Do not pass the place of lies?

Saying this, he slapped his ear again. The boy sat against the wall with his hands on his cheeks. Imam Sahib came down from the second floor at the sound of crying and shouting. He saw people gathered in the courtyard of the mosque. Iftar party in the mosque of the area today, that event was going on in the mosque.

Then Imam Sahib said.

--- What happened here?

Then people started talking.

--- Sir, I'm catching a thief! You bastard!

Imam Sahib went ahead and saw a 12-13 year old boy sitting against the wall, the boy's whole cheek was flooded with tears, the color of his skin was black but the lines of injury were clearly visible.

The boy became even more frightened when Imam Sahib came forward. Then Imam Sahib said.

--- What's stealing, let's see?

The man next to him said holding a polythene bag.

--- Look, sir, look. Iftar is being organized, in this gap the brothers have taken polythene in the hall. I'm holding hands in the acre!

He then took some polythene in his hand and saw some jilapi, 6 apples and some dates. Then the lord said.

--- Hey, why are you beating people like that? Does anyone kill a child like this?

This time the excitement of the people decreased a little. Then the master asked the boy.

--- What does your father do?

The boy was now somewhat relieved. And said.

--- I used to fix the bicycle before, Ahn's father's illness so Ahn doesn't work. The lord gave me a hug. I have never stolen before. In a few houses, not a single grain was helped. Later food at Dehi Mosque. I took Tuila to take her home. Forgive me for making a mistake.

Until then, people from the side are saying.

--- These are all lies, caught and now polite.

Then the master said.

--- Well, iftar is over, the truth will be seen and his father will be warned. Now give the boy some water, he is panting a lot.

Then he handed over a bottle of water. The boy answers.

--- Khamu during Iftar. I'm fasting!

Imam Sahib looked at the people with a slightly annoyed face. Then he made the boy perform aju and sat him next to him and made him break his fast. After Iftar and prayers, Imam Sahib took the two men and the boy to the slum. In a tin house, the boy's father is sitting outside the door.

Hearing everything in Imam Sahib's face, the father raised his hand to slap his son on the cheek. The master interrupted.

--- He's been beaten enough, he's not dead anymore.

The father then burst into tears.

--- Believe me sir, I did not teach this to my son. Dhaira has been my illness for several days. There is no work, I can't feed Polapango properly. But I never thought I would steal Pola. He is not that pola.

With these words, the boy's sister came out. The girl will be 6 years old. The sister extends her hand towards her brother, says in a gentle voice.

--- Brother, don't bring Jilapi? Didn't you say bring Aizaka Jilapi?

The brother has no words on his face, standing silently.

Meanwhile, another 4-year-old sister ran out of the house.

--- Brother, brother, don't give it to him, don't give it to me first, give it to me.

Saying this, he raised his hand and looked at his brother's face in silence for a while.

--- Brother, have you been eating alone? Didn't you bring it for me?

The brother cried when he heard about his younger sister.

The two sisters entered the house upset. The younger sister got up on her mother's lap and cried. Mother comes out with her face covered. Then the mother says.

--- Huzur Maya has been trying to eat Dhaila Jilapi for a few days, Ogo Baap's illness. There was no money left, so I sent Polatar out to the house to get some help. Little people don't understand, so they're making mistakes. He took the food in front of him and took it away.

Meanwhile, the baby girl is crying with tears in her eyes and complaining to her mother.

--- Mother, brother Aizakao did not bring jilapi, brother, we are just lying!

Meanwhile, the brother is standing with his head down. Then suddenly the sister noticed that her brother's shirt pocket was wet! Then the sister said.

--- Brother what's in your pocket?

Saying this, he put his hand in and took out two jilapis !!

--- Brother, are you bringing? Two sisters smiled!

Meanwhile, the brother is silent in fear! The man looked at the two in a frightened manner.

--- Sir, I did not steal this.

Then he looked at his master with hopeful eyes and began to speak.

--- Believe me, sir, this is my share of jilapi, I was keeping my share during Iftar for the two sisters, really I did not steal, sir.

Everyone is stunned when they hear this. The master pulls the boy and hugs him. He keeps his head on his chest and starts shedding tears. The two men start crying in their own voice.

--- We have made a mistake, we are raising our hands against your son, forgive us.

The man then took the wallet out of one of the two pockets and handed it to the father, and said

--- Feed the kids some good and bad with what is here.

At this point there is an emotional atmosphere created,

They could not stay in shame for long, everyone said goodbye and left quickly.





In real life we ​​only see the culprit, but we don't see the back of the crime, we don't want to see it. We go to Iftar with chalk bazaar, babubazar, khandani, namidami, various royal feasts but we don't look at the man next door who has gone out on the street for two handfuls of food. If we go to Namidami restaurants and take selfies at events, will our virtue be ten times more? We have picnics in the name of Iftar party, we hold prayer mahfils in the area and distribute packets in and out of this house, food is distributed among those who have it, but those who are in need are not in this alliance. Can't we stand by them with some money according to our ability? Are we so fakir? In fact, we are not fakirs, they are not fakirs, fakirs are our mindset! Fakir is our nature.

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