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The closer they got, the more blurred Prapti's eyes became. After they got closer, Prapra saw Sayan and Riya.




The whole body of Prapti is bleeding. The whole body has become cold. Sayan told Prapti.

- Girls like you are not worthy of my family. Unsmart, Kshat. I have gained so much faith in you only to kill you in a beautiful and peaceful way. Diameter has become my job.

After saying that, Riya and Cyan left. Prapti couldn't see anything else in her eyes. At one stage her eyes closed. Mona came there at 6 o'clock in the evening. She looked around like crazy. In such a big place this evening, where will you find the receipt. Mona went and stood beside the flea shop looking for the receipt. Then he asked the man with the description of the physical constitution of the receipt.

- A man came to her log. I think she is her son-in-law. They ate theikka fuska from my shop and went to Dexi.

Then Mona went there as per the instructions of Fuchkawala. She searched a lot. Meanwhile, the whole place became dark. Nothing could be seen clearly in the light fog. Mona was looking for the other side like crazy. . Looking at the receipt is lying on the ground. Mona became restless seeing this state of receipt. Mona checked the pulse of receipt. Nah is still running but very weak. There is no one around. Mona could not understand what to do. .Said,

- Mama, will you help me a little? I am in great danger. Please bring me a CNG.

The man immediately went out for CNG. Mona went back to the receipt. After a while the man brought a CNG. Then with his help Prapti was taken to the hospital in CNG. Some part of Prapti's left hand was crushed. A part of his head was torn. The doctor took Prapti to it. Mona was sitting outside waiting. About 1 hour later the doctor came out.

  • - What is your patient?

  • - She is my sister.

  • - Come with me to the cabin.

  • Mona went to her cabin behind the doctor. The doctor said

  • - How did he get this condition?

  • - A car accident.

-Car accident! She's got a lot of injuries on her head. Some brick particles have gone in. We've washed them. She's out of danger now ...

-thank you so much doctor.

- I don't have to give thanks. If so, give it to the creator. Her luck was very good, so even after such a big accident, her child was not harmed.

  • -I mean? Baby ??? Whose baby?

  • - Your patient's. Why don't you know she's pregnant?

  • - She is now in the 7th week of her pregnancy.

  • - Millions of thanks in the court of Allah.

- It will take a bag of negative blood for her to get it anyway by tomorrow. Otherwise, her unborn child will suffer from anemia and there is a possibility of death.

- Well, I'll get it anyway. When will he regain consciousness?

- Her head injury is very critical. So we have put her to sleep with medicine. There is still no way to say when the knowledge will return, but she is out of danger..so don't worry ..

-thank you so much doctor..

Then Mona contacted different blood banks and found that the negative blood was not available anywhere. She posted it in different groups on Facebook. She didn't get it either. Although she was getting it, there was a problem with the location.

The next morning Mona informed the doctor

- I tried a lot but did not find blood anywhere. I do not understand what to do.

- Your patient's blood has been collected. And we have already given him blood. So there is no reason to worry anymore.

-When, who gave?

- A gentleman came. He lives in Uttara. He saw a share post in need of blood. So he came last night. You were out in search of blood then. He went out to meet you with blood but left due to urgent work.

-His address, phone number?

- No, he didn't go through anything. But Umi said he would come again to see the patient.

- All right.

Mona went to the receiver and sat next to him with a chair. He looked at the receipt with a fixed gaze and thought, "I said it so many times but you still did not listen to me !! I did not want you to be bad. Why did you hear my words!"

After a while, Mona noticed that Prapti was talking. She was wearing a mask. She was taking the name of Sayan again and again. Then with the other hand he removed the oxygen mask from his mouth. He wanted something strong, he was saying something. The doctor. Then the doctor left. In the afternoon, Mona was sitting next to the bed with her head on her pillow. After a while, the nurse came and said

- A man has come to see you. He is in the doctor's chambers.

Mona sat up. Asked

-Who came?

- I don't know. But Turya Rahman was saying his name.

Mona went to the chamber and met him. The doctor informed

- This is Turya Rahman. He gave blood to your sister yesterday.

Then Mona looked at the man and said

- Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much you have done.

-its ok ... thank the creator for not telling me that i saw the blood post in time.

- By the grace of Allah, my sister is alive today with your help.

- The one I gave blood to has not been seen yet. Then let's meet him once! Then I will go home.

Then Mona and Turya went to Prapti's cabin. Turya stood speechless after seeing Prapti. Prapti was also looking at Turya in surprise. Mona told Prapti.

- Receipt He saved your life with your blood.

The recipient removed the oxygen mask from his mouth and said,

  • - You trumpet ???

  • - Yes, I received. But how did this happen to you?

  • - He's talking a lot.

Mona said after hearing their conversation

  • - Do you know each other?

  • - Yes, sister. She is my best friend since childhood.

  • - Hmm, we grew up together since childhood. I was two classes senior. (Turya)

- Oh well, that's good then. (Mona)

- Receipt You are pregnant and this is your accident !! Where is your husband? (Turya)

- Pregnant !!!!

Receipt seemed to fall from the sky! Mona did not tell him anything. Then Mona said

-Yes, you are pregnant. This is the 7th week of your pregnancy. It was God's mercy so the baby was not harmed. The baby is safe.

-Safe ?? What am I going to do with this kid? It's not my legitimate child.

- What are you talking about receipt. You cool your head receipt. You got a head injury.

-How can I cool my head? An animal used to rape me legally which resulted in this child. Is this child a sign of a sacred relationship at all ??

-What are you talking about these receipts? Calm down. Your body will get worse. Now tell me what happened? Are you talking nonsense about rape legally, sacred relationship. Tell me a little openly what happened? (Turya)

Then Prapti told Turya to open everything. Hearing the words, Turya got blood on his head.




He was able to go to Cyan at that moment and beat him as he wished. Tears welled up in Prapti's eyes as he spoke the words. All that was left was to pierce his eyes and roll his cheeks.

- Didn't you see all the messages I gave you?

- I didn't see the last message. I was in a bad mood after seeing the first 4 o'clock.

- That last message was very important and you didn't see that?

- What's in it?

- Well, I'm bringing the phone from your bag.

Mona brought the phone from the receipt bag and handed it to the recipient. When she opened the message, she saw that there was an MMS. A screenshot. I felt very sorry for the fall. I thought,

Mona told me so many times, so many times I understood that I ignored him. Not once did I think of his words that a man can not really change so easily. He wanted me well and I did not pay any attention to his words, on the contrary, I insulted him by saying that.

Receiving Mona's call came out of her world of thoughts. Then she apologized to Mona with folded hands. Mona said,

- No need to apologize. I know you gave Cyan the status of husband from the heart, you loved him dearly. So I could not doubt him.

- Yes, you are right sister. I love him very much.

- You mean stale? Still?

Mona said again without receiving anything. Mona said again

- Wow, wow. You still love the one who wanted to kill you !! You still love the one who deprived your unborn child of father's affection and love? You are really great.

After saying that, Mona left the cabin.

Receipt is sitting quietly. Turya said

- You have to turn around to get it. At any cost, you have shown success to Dibi Sayan.

-But tell me what can I do? You know how my father is !! My words will have no value to him. Well, please call Mona Apu. Does anyone know anything at home?

Turya called Mona. Mona is not looking at the receipt. Prapti asked.

- What did you tell me at home, sister?

- No. I don't have Aunty's number. (Looking the other way)

- I didn't say anything was good.

- What will happen if you don't tell? They will know one day! (Turya)

- Give me the number, I'm calling. (Mona)

Receipt took out his mother's number from his phone. Then Mona called. Everyone said that there was an accident. She is in the hospital now.

Turya told the doctor and wanted to take Prapti to his house. Prapti was not agreeing to anything. Turya said

  • - Why are you doing that, Mona?

  • - I will not go anywhere. I will go home.

  • - Why do I live in the forest?

  • -Hey, am I saying that? (Eyebrows raised)

- I will not listen to anything. If you go home, you will take more care. There is a mother. There are sisters. They will take care of you. I will stay here tonight, then tomorrow morning we will go home and you will stay there until you are healthy

Then he told the doctor and forcibly prepared to take Prapti home. The next morning Prapti's mother came and saw him and was devastated. Turya said,

- Aunty, we will go home after a while. You will not be completely broken. And whatever you say when you go home to talk. After a while, the doctor will go with the release slip.

-Dad, you have been taking care of my receipt in everything from that small age, if you save me from this death even today.

- Hey, Aunty. I didn't do much. If you thank me, give it to Mona.

Then Prapti's mother spoke to Mona. She thanked him.

After a while, the release slip of the receipt went. Then they all went home.

After going home, Turya took Prapti to the room. He took her and laid her on the bed. He gave her a soft pillow under his head with great care. Turya's mother was very happy to see Prapti. Because they have grown up together since childhood.

Then everyone became fresh. Turya fed the receipt with her own hands for breakfast.

Then her mother, Mona and everyone else including Turya sat in the drawing room after breakfast. Everyone wanted to know what happened. Mona said everything openly. Hearing all this, her mother was very upset. She couldn't hold back her tears. Turya's Mao was very angry. On hearing this, Turya told everyone that they should not ask Prapti anything about these things, because it could increase his mental stress. So no one went to Prapti and asked him any questions.

Prapti's mother wanted to leave at noon with Prapti. But Turya did not want to let Prapti go to this state. So he explained to Aunty. Aunty didn't say much either. Because he knows very well how safe his daughter is here. So he stayed too. Mona kept calling from home so Mona left in the afternoon.

Prapti's mother's mind is not obeying at all. So she went to Prapti in the evening

-Mom, Sayan doesn't love you. He cheated on you. And this baby !! This is Sayan's descendant. When he grows up, he will act like Sayan, you will just give birth to this baby Becoming like Cyan will give nothing but deception.

-Mom, what do you mean?

- I want to say that you waste the child's money. There is no need to come into his world. He will not give you anything but suffering like his father. Mother.

What are you talking about? Can you deprive your unborn child of the light of this beautiful world?

  • - No, I can't. No mother can. But your ...

  • - So how did you tell me this, mother? This is my first child. Will I kill this unborn child of mine before I see the light of day?

-But what will our society say? When someone asks him when the child is a little older, what will he answer to the people of the society?

-Society ??? What kind of society is mother? You are telling the society from which we girls get nothing but oppression and neglect to be afraid? Why mother?

- You don't understand. Your whole future is at stake. How can I push you into the fire knowingly for the rest of my life? If you have this child, you will not be able to grow at all.

- Mom ... I thought a lot about the words yesterday. And I made the final decision. I will study. I will stand on my own two feet. I will fulfill my dream. And this child is my present and future. The path of my life starts from now around him. I will not let him be like Sayan Chowdhury at all. Now the only goal of my life is to explain to Sayan Chowdhury what he has lost. I will not punish her by going to court. I will kill her. I want to beat her every moment. Don't let the pain leave her in any way.

Turya came and started praising the receipt

  • - Well done. I wanted to see this look of yours.

  • - You trumpet?

  • - Yes. I stood outside as soon as I saw Aunty coming into the room.

  • - Did my little receipt become so big? (Receipt's mother)

  • -Yes, mother. The situation teaches people everything.

  • - Aunty, don't worry. I'm always by her side.




Will continue ..................


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I want to say that you waste the child's money. There is no need to come into his world. He will not give you anything but suffering like his father. Mother.

What are you talking about? Can you deprive your unborn child of the light of this beautiful world

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