Our classmate Tasnova got married. The boy works in the government

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Our classmate Tasnova got married. The boy works in the government, Mashallah.

The boy has three houses in Dhaka city, the biggest thing is that the boy's father is a big leader of the ruling party.

Tasnova's father to marry a girl with one leg. The only problem is that Tasnova's age is 14 to 15, how old will the girl be in class nine !!!

Sajid came and said

~ Arman Tasnova's marriage has been fixed.

I was surprised to hear the news, the marriage of such a girl is right, it is unfair, child marriage can not be accepted in any way. In any case, this marriage must be stopped.

On the day of the wedding, all the friends of the class went to Tasnova's house together, all the arrangements for the wedding were ruined, the deputy commissioner brought the police, the wedding was over. We were all very happy.

The police came to my house in the morning and took me away. I did not understand why I was being taken away. I went to the police station and saw that Sajid, Tanmoy and Habib had also been taken away by the police.

Tell me in detail

When we closed the wedding and left, in the evening Tasnova ran away with our classmate Raihan, they had a close relationship, although we didn't know anything about it. He blamed everyone responsible for the closure. My name is first on the list of accused in this case.

The police beat us all in the torture cell at will, we don't know anything. Two days have passed, the name of our release doesn't even smell, did we commit such a sin, we stopped a little marriage. In the evening they sent seven of us to jail. I was released on bail.

I got out of the jail and went straight to the house. The gate was closed and the doorman was standing quietly.

I left my house with a lot of pain, I didn't eat anything all day, if I was in jail I could have eaten a glass of water with a loaf of bread like paper. I am in a lot of trouble. I can't even walk in pain.

I went to my very good friend Tasneem, Tasneem looked away and said

~ Dude, you leave the house right now !! It will be a big problem if you see my father, my father says don't have any relationship with the prison inmate, sorry friend. You leave the house.

Tasneem pushed him out of his house, I cried a lot after a long time. Seeing the people around him changing, he is having trouble managing himself.

I went to almost all places, I didn't have a place anywhere, everyone survives only if they can drive me away. Sanjida has options left. In such a situation of life, it is necessary to see her face. I went to Sanjida.

Sanjida asked in a very serious tone, "How are you?" I replied with a sigh of frustration.

লে When did you get out of jail ??

I just got it today, I went everywhere, I didn't have a place anywhere, so the last option came to you.

Our relationship needs to end here, my father will never marry a prisoner, I will not be able to live in a foolish city dreaming of an uncertain future.

I left without saying a word, he is a little girlfriend, what does it matter, where there is no place for his parents, he is a very distant person.

Well, my life is for that girl, I go to Tasnova's house, I see how happy the girl is. Can I go to close the marriage that day !! I never imagined to face such a bizarre situation today.

The smell of beef is coming from the side of Tasnova's house, there is a lot of noise, I know why it seems that after Raihan and Tasnova got married and ran away for a while, they came back and cried at Tasnova's father's feet, then her father accepted the marriage. So he says so. My guess is very good. Whatever I say is so. Let's see if it matches today !!

On the way to Tasnova's house, I met my friend on the beach, I was not at all ready to hear what I heard on the beach.

The beach said: -

That evening, Tasnova ran away holding Raihan's hand. Raihan went to the resort with Tasnova. It was said that Raihan would stay at the resort without getting married. After defeating Tasnova, Raihan ran away.

Today, seeking the forgiveness of Tasnova's soul, Mr. Amjad has arranged a prayer by slaughtering cows like on the wedding day.

I stood beside Tasnova's grave. I cried a lot. I was responsible for her death. If the marriage had not been broken that day, the girl might have slept with her head on her husband's chest today. Will burn in a terrible fire.

I'm sorry sister.

It is very difficult for Tasnova's parents. Tasnova is the only daughter of her parents, her untimely death will make her lazy for life

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Great post, greetings!

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2 years ago

The story of Tasnova and her marriage is filled with mixed feelings. Child married isn’t the best, but some religious beliefs condone it.

Child married leads to divorce and abuse. Mortality rate is often higher in under age girls trying to go through labor.

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2 years ago

Interesting writing lovely

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2 years ago