Fallen flowers

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2 years ago

I want to change my mind with you and see how much hatred you have hidden in your mind for me. And you could take a look at how much I love you.

When the dreams that have just sprouted in your mind are falling on your face due to the lack of water that is soaking your heart, I am still saying that I love you very much.

If you change your mind and see that I have accumulated a sea of ​​love for you, I can't leave everything in this uncertain world of mine? Can't you unknowingly extend your legs and give yourself to me?

Or I will throw my love in the sewer thinking about your bright future.

Once said, what is love? Did I know? Little by little, I let you read the whole novel of your love. But why did I plant the seeds of separation for me on the last page?

There will be a tree of pain from the seed of separation. The pieces will be the result of small hardships. New leaves of sadness will sprout. A huge, painful shadow like a banyan tree will fall on the tree that has grown from the seeds of that separation.

Will you ever come as a weary traveler to trample on the shade of that parting tree?

You dreamed. On the moonlit night, I will draw Alpana on the kiss of my lips on the forehead that has shrunk in shame.

Why do I have to stop in the middle of the night like a man with a broken dream? But are there a few more pages left in your love novel? Where the end of my life diary will be written. What will you do then? I will hide my face in the chest of others. Isn't that so?

I will write a love novel of new family life.

In the middle of the movement of my heart in the boundary of your mind, I threw it in the middle like a bridge collapses. You will remember me, but you will sigh. I will compose happiness with someone else. How much do you remember my sad life writing at your happy address?

Just as flowers adorn a tree, so I was good in a life without love. Why did I tear off the flower called the heart of the garden of my mind? Now you have finished smelling, so I will throw you in the dust of the road and trample your feet.

But know, you may not have any value in my tears. I would raise my hand all the time and if even a drop of your tears fell, I would rub it on my body. I'll tell you what's wrong? All yours is mine.

But today when you are leaving me and embarking on the path of joy of your bright future, I cannot rejoice in your happiness. I can't even pierce your happiness with hunger. I am welcoming you by spreading myself on the path of joy as a fallen flower.

If you ever remember me in a happy life, don't come looking for me.

My place will be so dark that even in the light of your happiness I will not be able to see my shadow.

"Is everyone crazy about being happy? Some people are born just to welcome the happy ones as falling flowers. I will either be the falling flowers of your happy life

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I enjoyed your article, keep it up.

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thank you so much appreciate me

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