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"Brother, is it really possible to earn income in CPA? Can I earn income?"

These questions always revolve in your mind. I will try to answer this today.

Gee brother, CPA can actually earn income, but you have to follow the right offer, the right marketing method and the right guideline. Just think of skill to think about without thinking about income. Jumping on CPA today, affiliate tomorrow, YouTube or T-shirt marketing the day after tomorrow can do nothing.

Today you will go to this institute, tomorrow you will go to this institute, today you will go to this brother, tomorrow you will go to this brother or so cold guru, even then there will be no income.

What do you do then?

First decide if you really want to come to online marketing! Then decide whether to do CPA or affiliate. Once done, do some self-study on Google and YouTube. Then go to a good brother (guru) for proper guide line.

Remember not to go for free to learn something. Because, free is available only in free things that have value and free.

If you want to earn real income online, you have to be a professional.

Do a little self-marketing now ok?

I have many students of CPA marketing. Success rate of Amr students is 80%. Of the remaining 30%, 20% of students did not work after completing the course because of their job or business. The remaining 10% students could not complete the course due to personal problems.

Below is a screenshot of my recent three students. Those who are working after finishing the course. I am getting 5% commission as they have joined my referrals in CPA network. Calculate a little, if my commission is 5%, how much is the income of each of them !!!

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happy CPA marketing

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Very informative article

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Great article

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