A two-headed baby was born last night at The Moscow City Hospital.

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Not only that, this baby has two heads. That means one head is for the boy and the other head is for the girl. Surprisingly, the baby's body is also divided into two parts. The body of a boy's limb on one side and the body of a girl's limb on the other side.

Looking at the baby, it looks like a boy and a girl are mingling horizontally with each other. Just as the finger of one hand is inserted into the groove of the other hand. The baby's skin color is very pale and soft. Two doctors lost consciousness in the operating theater after seeing this strange child.

Dr. Shammi is a brave enough gynecologist. He performed the operation quite efficiently. The baby was like a normal human being but everyone was scared of him because of his strange body.

Dr. Shammi is quite worried. This has never happened in his 15 years of medical life. Exactly what caused the child's body structure is unknown to Dr. Shammi.

There is such a pair of children in a province of India. But they are both boys and they are quite healthy normal people. So Dr. Shammi is not so afraid of the matter. But this kid is really a little different. Thinking about all this, Dr. Shammi could not sleep that night. His curiosity towards the child increased. Either way she needs to know the details about the baby.

The next day, Dr. Shammi went to the hospital and found out that a nurse in the room where the child was was found unconscious on the floor in the morning. The nurse lost her speech due to fear. Not just dumb, that nurse has been paralyzed forever. The incident caused panic in the entire hospital.

Many patients have fled in fear. Because last night or the whole hospital an unusual ghost event happened. So everyone is fleeing in fear.

Dr. Shammi panicked a little but did not lose courage. He went to the child's cabin. Where everyone is fleeing in fear seeing the strange body of the child, the mother of the child is caressing him with absolute affection.

A middle-aged woman. The name is obscenity.

Age may be 26-30. He lives in a small village next door.

A gentleman admitted him to this hospital last evening. This information is available from there. The man is probably the woman's husband. But he has not been found since that evening.

Dr. Shammi pulled up a chair and sat in front of the woman. Aiming at the woman in a very good way. His face is like a normal human being. There are black spots under the eyes and the eyes are red. This is due to anxiety and waking up at night.

Breaking the silence, Dr. Shammi asked;

How is your body now Mrs. Ashalta. Mrs. Ashalta did not answer. He just stared at Dr. Shammi for a while. Then he focused on his work again.

Dr. Shammi asked again:

I'm asking you something, Mrs. Ashlata.

This time Mrs. Ashlata looked at Dr. Shammi with a very angry look. As if he is annoyed by the presence of Dr. Shammi. Without saying a word, Mrs. Ashalata took the child in her arms and turned around.

Dr. Shammi is not the bride to leave. He will leave after seeing the end of it. Today he came back very disappointed.

At night, Dr. Shammi read some medical science books. Whether there is any clue of the birth of this child. But don't throw anything away. Eventually annoyed, he fell asleep.

Dr. Shammi went to the hospital in the morning and saw,

The same thing happened today as yesterday. A nurse is paralyzed from speechlessness. Dr. Shammi can understand how much fear a person loses his speech and becomes paralyzed. All the doctors and nurses have already left that floor out of fear. Dr. Shammi understood. This is not a normal occurrence, it is definitely the work of an evil force. But he is a doctor. In this age of science, he can't believe it.

Dr. Shammi's father built this five-storey hospital about 25 years ago. He is the caretaker and maintainer of this hospital. So he can't leave this hospital even if he wants to.

That night a baby was born in that hospital. The baby and mother are kept in the room next to them.

That night a terrible thing happened in that hospital which Dr. Shammi was not at all ready to see.

Someone brutally killed that newborn baby last night. There is no flesh except the bones of the body. Someone is eating all the blood flesh of the body.

There are only a few bones lying on the floor.

Dr. Shammi was terrified by the suddenness of the incident. The child was brutally killed. And the baby's mother is hanging naked with the fan.

The tongue has been cut off. Both eyes are found on the floor. The best two were not found. And the lower limb was so badly injured that its existence could not be determined.

There are even numerous scars on the body.

Dr. Shammi is shocked by the death of the child and his mother.

Moreover, according to the postmortem report, the woman was raped by more than one man. But those who raped her are not ordinary people but different animals.

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